Born Jun. 24, 1947, Wimbeldon, England.

He was The Electric Light Orchestra's bass player from February aug. 1972 to oct. 1974.

In 1971 in partnership with Frank Ricotti (percussion) he released the album First Wind (as `Ricotti and Albuquerque').

He left Electric Light Orchestra for domestic reasons amid the recording sessions for the group's fourth album, Eldorado in oct. 1974, to be replaced with bassist Kelly Groucutt.

He released two solo progressive rock albums, We May Be Cattle But We've All Got Names (1973) and Stalking The Sleeper (1976).

He also played as a guitarist and vocalist with Mik Kaminski in Violinski.

His contributions on record for The Electric Light Orchestra were ELO 2, On the Third Day, The Night the Light Went On in Long Beach and some of Eldorado.

In 1982 he founded the band Sundance along with Mike Hurst and Mary Hopkin. They released one album.

Aug. 1972 - Sept. 1973 .: 2 line up (Bev Bevan drums / vocals, Jeff Lynne guitar / vocals, Richard Tandy bass / vocals, Michael De Albuquerque bass / vocal, Mike Edwards cello, violin Wilf Gibson, Colin Walker cello). With "10538 Overture" climbing up the charts rocketed "The Electric Light Orchestra" appeared on Top of the Pops with roadies (bearing masks) and the audience loved them and that meant their new debut was a reality at Reading Festival 12. Aug. 1972. The second album released a top 10 hit for "Roll of Beethoven" and it laid the economic reason for their first US tour, where they began to lay the groundwork for future successes. Wilf Gibson left the band in Sept. 1973 Colin Walker (the largest resentment was that he did not play on Elinor Rigby by The Beatles) left the band in December 1973 back to teach. Hugh McDowell came back.

Sept. 1973 - Oct. 1974 .: 3 line up (Hugh McDowell cello, Bev Bevan drums / vocals, Jeff Lynne guitar / vocals, Richard Tandy bass / vocals, Mik Kaminski violin, Michael De Albuquerque bass / vocal, Mike Edwards cello). Because of the minimal conditions for the group as well as to the ambitions Lysol was not available in the United Kingdom, the The Electric Light Orchestra began to concentrate almost exclusively on the US market and Pierce as much as possible. As a result, sold their fourth album "Eldorado" for gold and the single "Can't get it out of my head" was the first on the Top 10. Also for the first time used Jeff Lynne a full orchestra and choir to establish the group's sound on "Eldorado" (a little hint of what may come in the future). This line-up also recorded the album "The night the lights went on in Long Beach" and which was only released in Australia, New Zealand and continental Europe.

Mike Edwards and Michael De Albuquerque leaft the group in Oct. 1974.