17 January 1966 were "The Move" formed, which undoubtedly was one of the best bands of the '60s, especially because the band was formed by members of Birmingham's top 3 bands (Mike Sheridan & The Night Riders, Carl Wayne & the Wikings, Danny King & The Mayfair Set ).

The first line up (Ace Kefford (born Christopher Kefford 10 December 1946 Moseley, W.Midlands) bass / vocal, Carl Wayne (born 18 August 1944 Moseley) vocal, Roy Wood guitar / vocals, Trevor Burton (born 9 March 1944, Aston, W.Midlands) guitar / vocals, Bev Bevan (born 24 November 1944, Birmingham) drums).
This line-up had 4 top 5 hits.
Their earliest repertoire was soul / R & B (role models was The Impressions and Four Tops), but manager Tony Secunda steered them toward a West Coast Sound. Secunda also provided the band the strangest jobs and their appearance was unique.

July 30 occurs band at the 6th annual National Jazz & Blues Festival, Windsor, Berks, where they used fire on stage.
They have several concerts in June and in August in London.

In December was their debut single "Night of fear / Disturbance" released and Roy Wood based it on a riff from Tchaikowsky's 1812 Overture


In January achieves the single "Night of fear" a 2 place in UK.

In April the band promising a reward for information that could lead to the provision of the bands that were stolen from their agent's car in London's Tin Pan Alley. The bands come to roads and a caretaker in connection with a construction site in north London receives 200 UK pound in bounty.

April 29 the band played on a 14 hour concert "Tecnicolour dream" in the Great Hall of the Alexandra Palace in London along with Pink Floyd and John's children where in also Marc Boland (T Rex) played.

In April released the single "I can hear the grass grow / Wave the flag and stop the train" as is Roy Wood's flirtation with the psychodelic, in connection with this band begin to emulate The Who's performance by smashing television or dolls resembling Adolf Hitler both for concerts and TV appearances.

In April achieves "I can hear the grass grow" a 5 place in England.

September 30 was the first broadcasting for BBC Radio 1 and the first track played was "Flowers in the rain".

In October achieves "Flowers in the Rain" / "Lemon tree" a 2 place in UK. The band switches recordcompany to Regal Zonophone Records, a company previously reserved Salvation Army music.

Move, was successfully sued by Prime Minister Harold Wilson, because of a nude caricature of him on a promo postcard for "Flowers in the rain". All royalties earned on this single should go to charity as part of the agreement.
"Cherry Blossom Clinic" is planned as the next single, but canceled due. Text that might give offense, and when the band did'nt want more bad publicity and they dropped the release, but the number is found on the first album.

During the filming of a promo film for Move's next single, it was announced that Ace Kefford have had a mental and physical breakdown.


In January was "Cherry Blossom Clinic", "Weekend", "Fire Brigade", "It'll Be Me," "Walk upon water" recorded in the BBC studios.

"Fire Brigade / Walk upon water" were published in February gain in March 3rd place in UKd.

In March was the debut album "Move" released and in April it achieves the a 15 place in UK.

2 line up: (Carl Wayne vocal, Roy Wood guitar / vocals, Bev Bevan drums, Trevor Burton guitar / vocals, Richard Tandy keyboard). Trevor Burton will take place as a temporary bassist after Ace Kefford has left the band due his Disease. Ace Kefford was not coming back, but made later a solo career, he recorded a single as The Ace Kefford Band for Atlantic Records for The Yardbirds song "For Your Love".

They recorded two of Dave Morgan songs "Something" and "This time tomorrow".

In May, there are rumors that Carl Wayne will leave the band.

July was releases the single "Wild tiger woman / Omnibus" but gybed totally and do not achieve chart success.

The Move performed live at The First Isle of Wight festival along with Jefferson Airplane, Tyrannosaurus Rex (T.Rex), The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Fairport Convention.

In September they published an unusual 7 "33rpm EP with five live tracks "Something else", it achieves no chart success, but is an expensive collector's item.


In January was "Blackberry Way / Something" published. Blackberry Way was produced by Jimmy Miller. This will be one of the great 60s hits.

In February peaked "Blackberry Way" the hit list. It will be The Move's only no. 1 hit.
Richard Tandy who played harpsichord on BlackBerry playes with keyboards for a while, while Trevor Burton had a broken arm. At the highest of their success and just before the US The tour, Trevor Burton wont play anymore, quote: I'm not playing this commercial shit anymore ..... I'm off. He left the band to join "The Uglys" and later he formed "The Balls" with ex-Moody Blues singer Denny Laine.

In February they played 9 concerts and 1 TV show.

In March, Jeff Lynne from Idle Race and Rick Price from Sight and Sound was invited to join The Move. Jeff Lynne declines, but Rick Price comes on as bass player.

3 line up: (Carl Wayne vocal, Roy Wood guitar / vocals, Bev Bevan drums, Rick Price bass / vocals).

In August achieves the single "Curly / This time tomorrow" a 12 place in UK.

The Move's only US tour (10 concerts) in October was a disaster .... but the next 5 weeks was even worse, Carl Wayne who was the dominant personality in the band at the time, steered them into Cabaret work in The Northern Clubs Horror of horror !!!!


In January ended this work and Carl Wayne made his exit and continued a new career with moderate succet in the 70s in the cabaret and TV.

Jeff Lynne agreed to rejoin the band, but was more interreseret in Roy Wood's project "Electric Light Orchestra".

The relaxed and eccentric band was almost torn by the thought of starting up a new and totally different band. Wood: If it had been up to Jeff Lynne and I (Roy Wood), we had dissolved the band as soon as we came in and we could have concentrated 100% on Electric Light Orchestra, but we were pressured not to do it.

4 line up: (Roy Wood guitar / vocals, Bev Bevan drums, Rick Price bass / vocals, Jeff Lynne guitar / vocal / keyboard, Richard Tandy keyboards).

In February released the album "Shazam", but can not access the charts, but Roy Wood's number "Hello Susie" is copied and published by Amen Corner and achieves a 4 place in UK.

March 18 was "Brontosaurus", "What", "Lightning never strikes twice", "Looking on" recorded in the BBC's studios

In March releases the single "Brontosaurus / Lightning never strikes twice" and achieves a 6 place in UK in May and is a dramatic reaction to cabaret.

June writes Rick Price a recording contract with President Records for a solo career.

July 28 they recorded three tracks in the BBC's studios: "When Alice comes back to the farm" "Looking on" and "She's a woman"

In October released the album "Looking on" containing a pair of Jeff Lynne's compositions but will not enter the charts and the same happens to the single from the album "When Alice comes back to the farm" which was released in September.


Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne together produced the single "Tonight / Do not mess me up" it was released in June and achieved a 11 place in UK in July.

In July releases album "Message from the country", but do not enter the charts.

In July they changed the record label again, now to EMI's Harvest label.

In October releases the single "Chinatown / Down on the Bay".

October 13 is the last time The Move can be experienced live after Rick Price left the band (he forms later Sheridan / Price and Mongrel, and came later in Roy Wood's Wizzard).

The last TV appearance is only to promote the last 2 singles.

In November obtains "Chinatown" a 23 place in UK.

There are now serious plans for transforming The Move to The Electric Light Orchestra and they recruited five musicians (most of violins and chello) and they included ex-Move musician Richard Tandy.


In February published Roy Wood a solo single "When Grandma plays the piano" that did'nt hit on the charts. However, he will solo achieve 4 British top 20 hits while he is in the band Wizzard.

April 16 plays Electric Light Orchestra live for the first time in Croydon, London, and it shows that it is now the end of The Move.

In May was the last single with The Move "California man / Do Ya" released.

May 3 is Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood and Bev Bevan performing as The Move with the song "California man" on Top of the Pops and that evening they play in The Dome in Brighton, UK as Electric Light Orchestra!

In June obtains The Move's last single "California man" a 7 place in UK.

In August, Roy Wood left Electric Light Orchestra to form Wizzard.

In November published "California man" in the United States, but with the B side from England on the A side for Jeff Lynne's "Do ya" and this achieves a 93 place in the US (this is the only time The Move is on the US charts. Later, "Do ya" became a major hit with Electric Light Orchestra in the US and Europe.

The album "Message from the country", published in the US in an adapted version, several numbers are omitted and in has come a part of hit singles. There is some talk about the title of the album, but the end is "Split Ends".


The Move album "The BBC sessions" is released.


Westside Records published The Move 3CD box set "Movements" - 30th Anniversary Anthology in October".


Carl Wayne dies after a short period of cancer.