Movements 30'th Anniversary Anthology

Released: 1997
Produced by: Div.
Engineered by: Div.
Recorded in: Div.

Cover design by:
Label: West Side, WESX 302/1-2-3
Country: United Kingdom
Item: 547.1-2-3

Disc 1:
1: Night Of Fear (Roy Wood)
2: Disturbance (Roy Wood)
3: I Can Here The Grass Grow (Roy Wood)
4: Wave The Flag and Stop The Train (Roy Wood)
5: Yellow Rainbow (Roy Wood)
6: Kilroy Was Here (Roy Wood)
7: (Here we go round) The Lemon Tree (Roy Wood)
8: Weekend (Post/Post)
9: Walk Upon The Water (Roy Wood)
10: Flowers In The Rain (Roy Wood)
11: Useless Information (Roy Wood)
12: Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart (Hanley)
13: The Girl Outside (Roy Wood)
14: Fire Brigade (Roy Wood)
15: Mist On A Monday Morning (Roy Wood)
16: Cherry Blossom Clinic (Roy Wood)
17: Hey Grandma (Miller/Stevenson)
18: Disturbance (Undubbed Alternate Version) (Roy Wood)
19: Wild Tiger Woman (Roy Wood)
20: Omnibus (Roy Wood)

Disc 2:
1: Blackberry Way (Roy Wood)
2: Something (David Morgan)
3: Curly (Roy Wood)
4: This Time Tomorrow (Roy Wood)
5: Hello Susie (Roy Wood)
6: Beautiful Daughter (Roy Wood)
7: Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited (Roy Wood)
8: Fields Of People (Day/Pierson)
9: Don't Make My Baby Blue (Mann/Weill)
10: The Last Thing On My Mind (Roy Wood)
11: (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree (Stereo) (Roy Wood)
12: Cherry Blossom Clinic (Stereo) (Roy Wood)
13: Fire Brigade (Early Undubed Mix) (Roy Wood)
14: Second Class (Backing Track) (Roy Wood)
15: Wild Tiger Woman Blues (Early Undubbed Mix) (Roy Wood)
16: Curly Where's Your Girl (Early Alternative Mix) (Roy Wood)
17: Something (Italian Language Mix) (David Morgan)
18: Vote For Me (Previously Unreleased) (Roy Wood)

Disc 3:
1: Looking On (Roy Wood)
2: Turkish Tram Conductor Blues (Roy Wood)
3: What (Jeff Lynne)
4: When Alice Comes Back To The Farm (Roy Wood)
5: Open Up Said The World At The Door (Jeff Lynne)
6: Brontosaurus (Roy Wood)
7: Feel To Good (Roy Wood)
8: Lightning Never Strikes Twice (Roy Wood)
9: So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (McGuinn/Hillman)
10: Stephanie knows who (Lee)
11: Something Else (Cochran/Capeheart)
12: It'll Be Me (Clement)
13: Piece Of My Heart (Unreleased) (Burns/Ragovoy)
14: Too Much In Love (Unreleased) (Denny Laine)
15: (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher (Unreleased) (Jackson/Miner/Smith)
16: Sunshine Help Me (Unreleased) (Wright)

Stephanie Knows Who