THE MOVE, 12": Split ends.

Released: 1972
Produced by: Roy Wood & Jeff Lynne
Engineered by:
Recorded in:

Roy Wood: Oboe, guitars, recorders, steel guitar, bass, clarinet, bassoon, all saxes & vocals.
Jeff Lynne: Piano, guitars, electric piano, percussion & vocals.
Bev Bevan: Drums, percussion & vocals.


Cover design by: Roy Wood
Label: United Artist, UAS-5666
Country: US
Item: 398
Runout A: UAS-5666-B Re2
Runout B: UAS-5666-B Re2 2

A1: Do Ya (Jeff Lynne) (4:03)
A2: Message from the country (Jeff Lynne) (4:50)
A3: Chinatown (Roy Wood) (3:06)
A4: The Minister (Jeff Lynne) (4:33)
A5: The words of Aaron (Jeff Lynne) (5:31)
A6: Down by the bay (Jeff Lynne) (4:14)
B1: California man (Roy Wood) (3:35)
B2: No time (Jeff Lynne) (3:44)
B3: Ella James (Roy Wood) (3:16)
B4: It was'nt my idea to dance (Roy Wood) (5:29)
B5: Until your mama's gone (Roy Wood) (5:04)
B6: Tonight (Roy Wood) (3:17)