ELO Specialities.:


Alone in the Universe, tour programme
A new world record (Music sheets)

Bev Bevan's "The Electric Light Orchestra Story"
Colour vinyl collection

Discovery (Tour jacket)
Discovery, Gold record
ELO badge
ELO Keyring 2018
ELO Mug 2018
ELO Pick Set 2018
From out of nowhere, Poster
Jeff Lynne's ELO badge
Out of the Blue, Space station (Belt buckle)
Record Collector, oct. 1994
Record Collector, dec. 2012
Pete Frame's Rock Family Trees
Slate Clusters
Song by song, John Van Der Kiste
Speaker & VIP ticket 2018
Time, Gold record
Time, poster
Time, watch
Tour poster 2018
Tour Programme 2018
T-shirt Blue 2019
T-shirt, Alone in the Universe
T-shirt, 2018 Tour
Unexpected messages (Book)
Xanadu, Cinema poster
Xanadu (Music sheets)
50 Anniversary Poster