ELO Specialities: A New World Record, Music sheet.

Released: 1977
Label: Unart Music Corporation / Jet Music Inc.
Country: New York, US.
Book design by: Solomon Reno

This album is the band's first and perhaps biggest radio oriented record and it sells 5 million copies worldwide and achieved 6th place in England and achieves in Jan. 1977 5 place in the United States.

The Single LivinĀ“ thing achieves a 4 place in the UK and (Jan 1977) a 13 place in the United States.

2'nd single release Rockaria! (Mar. 1977) achieves a 9th place in United Kingdom.

The third single release is a copy of The Move's only US hit, Do Ya (Apr. 1977) it achieves a 24 place in the United States after Tod Rundgren used it in his live show.

Fourth single release Telephone line (June 1977) achieves an 8 place in United Kingdom (Sept. 1977), a 7 place in the United States.

In the United States, 8 months after its release, the album achieves a 6 place!

Cover design by: Kosh/Ria Lewerke
Label: Jet Records, JETLP200
Country: Nederlande
Item: 635

1: Tightrope (Jeff Lynne) (5:00)
2: Telephone line (Jeff Lynne) (4:38)
3: Rockaria! (Jeff Lynne) (3:12)
4: Mission (a world record) (Jeff Lynne) (4:24)
5: So fine (Jeff Lynne) (3:55)
6: Livin' thing (Jeff Lynne) (3:51)
7: Above the clouds (Jeff Lynne) (2:16)
8. Do Ya (Jeff Lynne) (3:45)
9. Shangri-La (Jeff Lynne) (5:34)