Iain Hornal is a UK singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who lives in London, UK.

He is a man of sublime talent. He's most famous for writing "Fill My Little Fanfare", the intro tape to The Feeling's live shows that was also released as the B-side to the Top 40 single "Rosé"; however, there's much more to this honey-voiced multi-instrumentalist than just that. A prolific songwriter, Iain is responsible for such glorious tracks as "Her Majesty" and "Everybody Needs A Helping Hand", both of which were popular highlights in the repertoire of Iain's last band, Genius, who toured with The Feeling back in 2007.

Iain is now playin in the band The Hornal Family.
New musical collective led by Iain Hornal which also features a glittering assortment of guest artistes, some of whom even have double barrel surnames.

Iain played with Jeff Lynne's ELO at the Live in Hyde Park 14 sep. 2014.
Jeff Lynne
Richard Tandy
Lee Pomeroy
Donovan Hepburn
Mick Wilson
Chereene Allen
Danny Marsden
Milton McDonald
Mike Stevens
Bernie Smith
Marcus Byrne
Iain Hornal
Melanie Lewis-McDonald
The BBC Concert Orchestra

Iain was doin' a GREAT job as the backin' vocals on the Jeff Lynne's ELO "Alone in the universe" tour 2016.