In September 1986, was The Electric Light Orchestra dissolved.

After The Electric Light Orchestra was dissolved, the band was continued by Bev Bevan as Electric Light Orchestra Part Two.

First line up is: Bev Bevan (drums, percussion and backing vocals), Pete Haycock (guitars, bass, lead guitar & backing vocals), Eric Troyer (keyboards, lead & backing vocals) and Neil Lockwood (lead & backing vocals).
Mik Kaminski contributes little on the first album "Part two" on the violin.

For the second album "Moment of truth" also Kelly Groucott came with.

Second line up is: Bev Bevan (drums), Phil Bates (guitar & vocals), Eric Troyer (keyboards & vocals), Kelly Groucott (bass & vocals), Mik Kaminski (violin) & Louis Clark (orchestral keyboards and orchestral arrangements)

In 2000-01 leaves Bev Bevan the band and he was the only member who had been in The Electric Light Orchestra from the beginning, demanded Jeff Lynne via lawsuit name (ELO) back.

After the trial decides Kelly Groucott and Mik Kaminski, they will establish a new band for their own to establish ELO numbers, now under the name Orkestra.

First line up is: Kelly Groucott (lead vocal & bass), Mik Kaminski (violin), Terry Pardone (syntheizer), Clive Poole (guitar), Chris Tew (syntheizer) & Marc Poole (drums).

Bev Bevan - drums, percussion, backing vocals (1990-99)
Louis Clark - keyboards, orchestra arranger and conductor (1990-99)
Eric Troyer - keyboards, vocals, guitar (1990-99)
Pete Haycock - guitar, bass guitar, vocals (1990-93)
Neil Lockwood - guitar, vocals (1990-93)
Kelly Groucott - bass guitar, vocals (1991-99)
Mik Kaminski - violin (1990-99)
Hugh McDowell - cello (1991-92)
Phil Bates - guitar, vocals (1993-98)
Parthenon Huxley - guitar, vocals (1998-99)