THE ELO PART 2, 12 inch.: Part two.

Released: 1991
Produced by: Jeff Glixman
Engineered by: Jonathan Miller, Gary, Mark Derryberry & Ray (Dude) Blair
Recorded in: The Mill Studios, Angel Studios Cookham, Rick Bitch Studios Birmingham England & Fanfare Studios Golden Colorado, Capitol Studios Hollywood California USA

Niel Lockwood: Lead vocal & backing vocals.
Bev Bevan: Drums, percussion & backing vocals.
Pete Haycock: Guitars, bass, lead vocal & backing vocals.
Eric Troyer: Keyboards, lead vocal & backing vocals.
Mik Kaminski: Violin

Cover design by: Ron McPherson
Label: Elap-Music, ELAP 4518
Barcode: 5708574145183
Country: DK
Item: 357
Runout A: ELAP-4518-LP 08-25937-20-1A-1
Runout B: ELAP-4518-LP 08-25937-20-1B-1

A1: Hello Hello (Troyer, Bevan, Haycock & Lockwood) (-:--)
A2: Honest men (E.Troyer) (-:--)
A3: Every night (E.Troyer & Ken Cummings) (-:--)
A4: Once upon a Time (Bevan & Haycock) (-:--)
A5: Heartbreaker (Bevan & Haycock) (-:--)
B1: Thousand Eyes (E.Troyer) (-:--)
B2: For the love of a Woman (E.Troyer) (-:--)
B3: Kiss me Red (Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly) (-:--)
B4: Heart of Hearts (E.Troyer) (-:--)
B5: Easy Street (Bevan & Haycock) (-:--)