Ulysses Adrian Wood (called Roy Wood) was born 8. Nov. 1946 in Kitts Green and went on Mosely School of Art and received permission to stop training early! He joined "The Falcons". He was particularly successful in the 1960s and 1970s as member and co-founder of The Move, The Electric Light Orchestra, and Wizzard. As a songwriter, he contributed a number of hits to the repertoire of these bands.


Roy Wood was in 1963-64 a member of the "Gerry Levene & The Avengers" (Mike Hopkins guitar (later "Denny Laine & The Diplomats" and "The Idle Race"), Jim Onslow bass / vocal (later "Denny Laine & the Diplomats "), Gerry Levene vocals (left by the band's breakup music scene)," Graeme Edge "drums (later "The Moody Blues")), but left the band before it was dissolved in April 1964, because he did not think that the band evolved. The right reason was that he was one of two lead guitarists and did not get enough challenge and Spike (Hopkins) was very good and that he would not step on his toes. The band released in Jan. one single for Decca, "Dr. Feelgood / Driving me wild."

After "The Avengers" he reformed "The Falcons" (John Lodge was in for a few concerts) before he and Dave Green (rhythm guitar) came on a gig with "Nicky James & the Lawmen" (which Mike Pinder played for a time). "The Lawmen" was split from Nicky James (The Elvis Presley of the Midlands) and then could not pull enough jobs to survive.
Wood: I was a professional musician in the sense that I did not have a normal work! so therefore, I began to search for interesting band / gig to join, I saw an ad in the Birmingham Evening Mail: Lead guitarist / vocalist sought must have Fender Stratocaster, Vox amp. and Binson Echo! I had all three, so I called, auditioned and was hired. It was "Mike Sheridan & The Night Riders" who had already made two singles, but not really got any further, although they were very large locally.

Roy Wood (guitar / vocal) joined the band "Mike Sheridan & The Night Riders" (Greg Masters (bass / vocal), Dave Pritchard (rythmguitar / vocals), Roger Spencer (drums), Mike Sheridan (vocals), Big Al Johnson (guitar / vocal), in May 1964 and last in the year 1965 he left the band and immediately afterwards also followed Mike Sheridan.


The main venue for the music scene in Birmingham, was The Cedar Club in Constitution Hill.
The three most important groups during this period was "Mike Sheridan & The Night Riders", "Carl Wayne & The Vikings" and "Danny King & The Mayfair Set".

Roy Wood was with which session you in Danny King on single outplayed from January "Pretty things / Young Blood".

The Vikings 1965.

When possible, they returned to The Cedar after a job at the Silver Blades Ice Rink or similar to get drinks, chats and here they also jammed sometimes.
It was here "The Move" occurred, part of the various young musicians jamming on stage and a sudden combination sounded so good that they decided to form a new group, "The Move".
As Bev Bevan stated: We were all in the late teen age or early twenty clean and we were worried that we had not already been stars yet, we thought that we were about to be finished in the industry. Formation of "The Move" was like a last desperate attempt before we were too old!


The band had different member compositions in the years ahead:

Feb. 1966 - Apr. 1968:
Roy Wood guitar / vocals,
Chris "Ace" Kefford bass (born December 10, 1946, Mosely, England) (later "Ace Kefford Stand" with Cozy Powell as much later joined the "Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow" and "Carl Wayne and the Vikings")
Carl Wayne vocals (born August 18, 1944, Mosely, England) (later "Carl Wayne and the Vikings").
Bev Bevan drums.
Trevor Burton guitar / vocals (born March 9, 1944, Aston, England) (formerly "Danny King and the Mayfair Set").



Apr. 1968 - Feb. 1969:
Carl Wayne vocals, Roy Wood guitar/vocals, Bev Bevan drums, Trevor Burton bass/vocals (later "The Uglys", "The Balls", "Steve Gibbons Band"),
Richard Tandy keyboard/bass (later "The Uglys", "The Balls", "ELO", "Jeff Lynne solo" & "ELO 2001").


In 1969 is Wood in a study group "The Acid Gallery" (Jeff Christie vocals / bass, Vic Elmes lead guitar, Mike Blakely drums, Ian Jansen, Stuart Tann, Roy Wood guitar).
The group consisted of members from "The Epic", etc. there was only released a single ("Dance around the Maypole") and the track sounds suspiciously like a long forgotten "The Move" track, it's also close to Roy Wood that have composed and produced it!

Roy Wood marries the 18 year-old Maureen Holmes.


(Feb. 1969 - Jan. 1970:
Carl Wayne vocals (changes later to cabaret og TV), Rick Price bass/vocals (ealier Sight´n´sound where he played with Kelly Groucutt (later "ELO" og "ELO part II")), Roy Wood guitar/vocals, Bev Bevan drums/vocals).


(Jan. 1970 - Okt. 1971:
Rick Price bass/vocals (later "Mongrel", "Wizzard" og "The Wizzo Band"),
Roy Wood guitar/vocals, Bev Bevan drums/vocals, Jeff Lynne guitar/vocals/keyboards (ealier "The Classix", "The Chads", "The Nightriders", "The Idyll", "The Idle Race" and later "The Electric Light Orchestra").

October 1971 dissolved the group after they a while had almost the same crew, recorded in studios in both "The Move" and "The Electric Light Orchestra", even on the same master tapes.

In October 1971 is "The Electric Light Orchestra" formed, (Roy Wood cello / vocal / ect., Bill Hunt keyboards / french horn (later Wizzard and completed the musical career of teaching the music), Hugh McDowell cello (later Wizzard and return to The Electric Light Orchestra in 1973), Bev Bevan drums / vocal, Jeff Lynne guitar / vocals, Richard Tandy bass / vocals, Wilf Gibson violin, Andy Craig cello).

The Electric Light Orchestra was never what Wood had dreamed of: a kind of traveling circus with a huge orchestra, which should have a wider scope through light shows, film, theater and much more, therefore stood Wood OFF already after the first LP, which did not sell well initially, but over a longer period IT went quiet and nicely.


In August 1972 was the band "The Wizzard" formed, their first gig was at Wembley Stadium 5 Aug. 1972. Rock'n'roll Extravaganza. Concert manager Don Arden said after the concert that this presentation would make them one of the most exciting rock bands in the world. He was right, the crew from 1972-73 had four Top Ten singles. Their appearance was very bizarre and dramatic and musical subtleties. If "The Electric Light Orchestra" was disiplin was "Wizzard" fun - wild costumes and coulorful makeup - almost like the circus!

Aug. 1972 - Nov. 1973: Rick Price bass / vocals (formerly "Sight'n'sound", "Mongrell", "The Move" and later "The Wizzo Band"), Charlie Grima drums, Keith Smart drums, Nick Pentelow sax, Mike Burney sax (former "The Daltons"), Roy Wood guitar / vocals / ect., Bill Hunt keyboards, Hugh McDowell cello.
Hugh McDowell left the band in September 1973 a few months before Bill Hunt.


January, debut single "Ball Park Incident" achieves a 6 seat in UK.
April, Wood writes and produces and plays with the "Farewaee" one single for Ayshea one English children's program host.
May, "See my baby jive" / "Bend of Beethoven" tops the UK album charts while Wood's multi-colored hair and clothing become part of his and Wizzard's image.
June, "Wizzard brew" achieves a 29 place in UK.
In August achieves Wood's solo single "Dear Elaine" an 18 place in UK, the back "Songs of praise" in the running to become UK's song for the European Eurovison Songcontest.
In September peaked "Angel fingers" the British album charts and Wood's solo album "Boulders" which was released in June, achieves a 15 place.
In November obtains "Boulders" one 173 place in the US (Wizzard never came back onto the US charts).

Harvest celebrates Christmas with the release of Wizzard's "I wish it kunne Christmas every day" / "Rob Roy's nightmare (a bit more HA)" and achieved a 4 place in UK. Wood's solo single "Forever" / "Music to cummit suicide by" achieves an 8 place in UK. "I wish it kunne Christmas every day" re-chartered in 1981 with 41 place and again in 1984 with a 23 place.

During 1973 Roy Wood was simultaneously exploring a solo career with his album Boulders, which produced a Top 20 hit in "Dear Elaine". The subsequent heavy working schedule and strain led to health problems, and several cancelled or postponed live dates on a spring 1974 tour of the UK. One highlight of 1974 was a return to the Top 10 with "Rock 'n' Roll Winter (Loony's Tune)". Release was delayed for several weeks until the end of March, so the words 'Sorry, the word 'Spring' wouldn't fit. R.W.' were added on the label after the title. Unusually for the time, this and the B-side, "Dream of Unwin", were both recorded and released in mono. The song was dedicated to Roy Wood's girlfriend of the time Lynsey de Paul, who repaid the honour by recording a Wizzard flavoured song "Ooh I Do" a few months later.

Lynsey De Paul suffered a brain haemorrhage on the morning of 1. October 2014 and died in a London hospital.


Wood started the year with bad health due too many concerts and recordings and he was recommended to throttle a little down.
In May change Wizzard record label from Harvest to Warned Bros, and the first single is "Rock'n'roll winter" (Looney's tune) and achieves a 6 place in UK.
In July achieves Wood's solo single "Going down the road" a 13 place in UK.
In August achieves single "This is the story of my love (baby)" / "Nixture" a 34 place in UK and Wood's solo album "Introducing Eddy and the Falcons" published in Aug. achieves a 19 place in the UK, on this album are all tracks old 50s rock'n'roll classics.
In November begins Wizzard an unsuccessful US tour.

Nov. 1973 - Feb. 1975: Rick Price bass / vocals, Roy Wood guitar / vocals / ect., Charlie Grima drums (later career as an actor), Keith Smart drums (later "Rockin Berries"), Nick Pentelow sax (later "Steve Gibbons Band"), Mike Burney sax, Bob Brady keyboards (previously "The Board Jacks" and later "Fairport Convention").


In January achieves "Are you ready to rock" an 8 place in UK where Wood plays on his new favorite instrument, the bagpipe.
In May achieves Wood's solo single "Oh what a shame" / "Bengal jig" on JET label a 13 place in UK.

Brady joined the group as the "Introducing Eddy and the Falcons" album was almost finished. They was touring in UK from Feb. - Apr. 1974, 25 gigs, then a 9 gigs tour in September 1974 wich should be a kind of warming up before the US tour, where Roy Wood not had been shown since Oct. 1969. The group played in about 20 selected cities across the states and Wood said: If we had continued with the tour I was sure that the breakthrough had come when there was very good reactions .... but we had great economic problems which made the group collaps, the boys wanted more money for the project "the second tour in the US," but the company could not pay more so that all but Rick Price & Mike Burney left me !!!

Wood: Everyone was so affected by the group's dissolution, that we lacked input and enthusiasm to start a new band.

In November / December published Wood's second solo album "Mustard" as recorded with vocal by Phil Everly (Everly Brothers) and a girlfriend Annie Haslam, the album flopped.


Wood writes record contracts with both EMI / Harvest, Warner and JET at the same time. Wood has problems with managers.
In March, the JET having published "Indiana rainbow" which was credited to Wizzard, but this will never be published.
The Beach Boys published "It's OK" where Wood and two others from Wizzard is playing on the 1974'er tour in the United States.

A collection is published in Apr. "The Roy Wood story" doub. album.


In April emergence a new band called "The Wizzo Band" in the first line up, Roy Wood guitar, Rick Price bass (formerly The Woodpeckers, The Georgia Satelites, The Move, Wizzard, The Brains), Mike Burney clarinet, flute & sax, Charlie Grima percussion, drums, Bill Hunt piano, trumpet and tuba (former The Electric Light Orchestra and Wizzard), Hugh McDowell Syntheisers & cello (former The Electric Light Orchestra, Wizzard and later ELO Part II), Nick Pentelow clarinet & flute, Keith Smart drums.

The band made its debut on BBC TV / radio program Sight & Sound, this was their only appearance and a planned UK tour was canceled and the group dissolved. An album was released by Warner's "On the road again" as just after the release is stopped, the album re-released in 1979 as a Wood solo album.

In September, publishes Warner Bros. Roy Wood's Wizzo Band's "Super Active Wizzo"
2. line up, Roy Wood guitar, Rick Price pedal steel guitars & Graham Gallery bass, Paul Robbins vocal & keyboards (playing on the album, but not in Sight & Sound.), Bob Wilson guitar, Billy Paul sax., Dave Donovan drums.

The following months made Wood an album of Annie Haslam (Annie in wonderland) and then planned the next move !!!


"On the road again" was published in Aug. in the United States and Germany as Wood solo album.
In the summer of 1979 comes Wood again to the light when he produces "The Darts' latest album.


Roy Wood's Helicopters publishes single "Green glass window" / "The driving song."


In July publisher Speed Records a collection of Wood's works from The Move and onwards "The Singles" achieves a 37 place in UK.


Wood sings "Message in bottle on Arrested" in a collection of The Police songs with various artists and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


Wood signs a record deal with Legasy Records.


In March, Wood's playing with other Birmingham musicians including Robert Plant, The Electric Light Orchestra and The Moody Blues at "Heartbeat '86'" which was a fund-raising concert.
In November, he helps finalize Doctor & The Medics with their version of ABBA's first hit "Waterloo" which is subsequently given a 45 place in the United States.


Roy Wood plays in 1987 guitar in the group Rick Wakemans.

I have also registered that Wood, Wizzard and early The Electric Light Orchestra, were materials supplied for Cheap Trick, in the sense that the "Cheap Trick's" first albums and frequent concerts were played cover versions of these. Robin Zander has even written two numbers with Roy Wood as well probably not been released yet (in December 1996!), But maybe on his next solo project.

Robin Zander explains after their concert in Perth in December 1996 that "The Move" is one of the biggest reasons for "Cheap Trick" was formed. When asked about what "The Electric Light Orchestra" track "Cheap Trick" wanted to do a cover song of if there is ever to make a tribute album to "The Electric Light Orchestra" he breaks into song and sing the first verse of "Midnight Blue" and proclaims that it will be the best track on the album and be the first single release!


The album "The Best of Roy Wood and Wizzard" was relesed.


November 6. plays Roy Wood Big Band in the Assembly Rooms in Derby.


March 22. plays Roy Wood Big Band in Truro and 26. in Oakengates Theatre in Telford.
July 4. plays Roy Wood Big Band at Bricton Festival, Devon and 31. at Newmarket Races.
August 14th plays Roy Wood Big Band at Cropredy Festival.
October 4. plays Roy Wood Big Band at the Civic Hall, Wolverhampton and 10. again at the Assembly Rooms in Derby.

See mush more about Roy Wood on my Facebook friend Martin Kinch's website:



7. April 2017
ELO's members Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood, Bev Bevan & Richard Tandy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the induction ceremony at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.
Dhani Harrison was on hand to induct ELO, a reminder of the lasting connection between his father George Harrison and Lynne. Both 1987’s Cloud Nine and Harrison’s posthumous 2002 album Brainwashed were co-produced by Lynne. They were also members of the Traveling Wilburys, and later collaborated on Beatles reunion songs in the ’90s.
“If my father was still with us, I imagine he’d be standing where I am now, graciously inducting the original members of ELO into the Hall,” Dhani said during his induction speech. “He loved ELO.”
Check my video of this great event: ELO Rock n Roll Hall of Fame 2017