Born juni. 10, 1944, Birmingham, England.

The first thing I can find about Rick Price is that he should have played with the band "The Woodpeckers" and later in "The Georgia Satelites" and "The Brains".

More sure is probably that he was in "The Move" in the period February 1969 - August 1971 (The Move dissolved in October the same year), to complete a solo album.

He was then invited by Carl Wayne (left The Move in 1969 in favor of a career in cabaret) to bring together a backing band to cabaret performances. This backing band consisted of Bob Brandy keyboards, Rick Price bass / vocal, Charlie Grima percussion, Keith Smart drums (played previously with Richard Tandy, Dave Morgan & Denny Laine in "The Balls" from 1968 in December 1969, later "Youngblood" and later "The Wizzard" and "Rockin Berries), Stuart Scott guitar / vocals, Roger Hill guitar / vocals (later "Fairports").

Rick was recording the original bass part in The Electric Light Orchestra´s 10538 Overture, before the cellos were added.

When the cabaret performances did'nt succeded did the band continued without the influence of Carl Wayne now under the name "Mongrel".

They managed to get a record contract with Polydor, where they released an album.

Around Christmas 1972 leaft Rick Price, Charlie Grima & Keith Smart band to join the "The Wizzard" which is led by "Roy Wood".

Later leaves also Bob Brandy "Mongrel" also to be included in "The Wizzard".

Stuart Scott leads the band on with Megan Davies on bass.

"The Wizzard" had different member compositions in the years ahead:

Aug. 1972 - Nov. 1973: Rick Price bass / vocals, Charlie Grima drums, Keith Smart drums, Nick Pentelow sax, Mike Burney sax (formerly "The Daltons"), Roy Wood guitar / vocals / ect. (Formerly "Gerry Levene & The Avengers," "Denny Laine & The Diplomats "," The Move ","The Electric Light Orchestra"), Bill Hunt keyboards (previously"The Electric Light Orchestra"), Hugh McDowell cello (formerly "The Electric Light Orchestra").

Nov. 1973 - Feb. 1975: Rick Price bass / vocals, Roy Wood guitar / vocals / ect., Charlie Grima drums (later career as an actor), Keith Smart drums (later "Rockin Berries"), Nick Pentelow sax (later "Steve Gibbons Band"), Mike Burney sax, Bob Brady keyboards (previously "The Board Jacks" and later "Fairport Convention").

Brady joined The Wizzard as the Eddy album almost was finished. There was toured in England from Feb. - Apr. 1974 25 gigs, then a 9 gigs tour in September 1974 should be a kind of warming before the US where Roy Wood had not shown since Oct. 1969. The group played for about 20 selected cities across the states and Roy Wood said: If we had continued with the tour I was sure that the breakthrough had come when there was very good reactions .... but we had great economic problems which made the group collapsed , the boys wanted more money for the project "the second tour in the US," but the company could not pay more so that all but Rick & Mike left me !!!

Roy Wood: Everyone was so affected by the group's dissolution, that we lacked input and enthusiasm to start a new band.

In Apr. 1977 was a new band called "The Wizzo Band" in the first line up, Roy Wood guitar, Rick Price bass (formerly The Woodpeckers, The Georgia Satelites, The Move, The Electric Light Orchestra, The Wizzard, The Brains), Mike Burney clarinet, flute & sax, Charlie Grima percussion, drums, Bill Hunt piano, trumpet and tuba (former The Electric Light Orchestra & The Wizzard), Hugh McDowell Syntheisers & cello (former The Electric Light Orchestra, The Wizzard and later ELO Part II), Nick Pentelow clarinet & flute, Keith Smart drums.

2. line up, Roy Wood guitar, Rick Price bass, percussions and vocals, Graham Gallery bass, Paul Robbins guitar & keyboards (playing on the album, but not in Sight & Sound.), Bob Wilson trombone, Billy Paul sax.

The band made its debut on BBC TV / radio program Sight & Sound, this was their only appearance and a planned England's tour was canceled and the group dissolved. An album was released by Warner.