ELO, Tape: Xanadu.

Released: 1980
Produced by: Jeff Lynne / John Farrar (b side)
Engineered by: David J. Holman / Mack
Recorded in: Musicland Studios, Munich

Jeff Lynne: Lead vocals, backing vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitars & synthheizers.
Bev Bevan: Drums & percussion Tympani.
Richard Tandy: Piano, syntheizers & all other keyboards.
Kelly Groucutt: Bass guitar & backing vocals.
Olivia Newton John: Vocal on Xanadu.

ELO is offered to write songs for the movie Xanadu and it achieves a 2 place in the UK and a 4 place in the US, whereas the film will be an economic disaster!.

The single I´m Alive (May. 1980) achieves a 20 place in the UK and (12 June 1980) a 16 place in the United States.

2 single release Xanadu (June 1980) will be the band's first and only single no. 1 in the UK, with Olivia Newton John as vocalist and (11 Oct. 1980), it achieves an 8 place in the United States.

3 single release All Over the world (Aug. 1980) achieves a 11 place in the UK and (4 Oct. 1980), a 13 place in the United States.

4 single release Don´t walk away (6 Dec. 1980) achieves a 21 place in the UK.

Xanadu wins Best Film Song, Theme or Score at the annual Ivor Novello Awards lunch d. 19. may 1981.

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Label: Jet Records, JET LX 526
Country: Holland
Item: 264

1: I'm alive (Jeff Lynne) (3:46)
2: The Fall (Jeff Lynne) (3:34)
3. Don't walk away (Jeff Lynne) (4:48)
4. All over the world (Jeff Lynne) (4:04)
5. Xanadu (Jeff Lynne) (3:30) (with Olivia Newton John on vocals)
6. Olivia Newton John : Magic (J.Farrar) (4:25)
7. Olivia Newton John & Cliff Richard : Suddenly (J.Farrar) (4:03)
8. Olivia Newton John & The Tubes : Dancin' (J.Farrar) (5:14)
9. Olivia Newton John : Suspended in time (J.Farrar) (3:52)
10. Olivia Newton John & Gene Kelly : Whenever you're away from me (J.Farrar) (4:15)