ELO Tape: A new world record.

Released: 1976
Produced by: Jeff Lynne
Engineered by: Marc, John Richards & Dick Plant.
Recorded in: Musicland Studios, Munich, Orchestra & Choir recorded at De Lane Lea Studios, Wembeley London.

Jeff Lynne: Lead vocal, backing vocal, lead, rythm & slide guitars, Gibson Les Paul, L5S, Marauder, Ovation legend, Ovation Pacemaker, percussion, Wurlitzer EP200 piano, Orchestra and choral arrangements.
Bev Bevan: Slingerland drums, mini Moog drum, percussion, backing vocals.
Richard Tandy: Wurlitzer electric piano EP200, Mini Moog, Micro Moog, SLM Concert Spectrum, Electra x320 guitar, Gibson SG Custom, Hohner Clavinet, Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, Mellotron M400, Morley R.W.V. Pedals, Maestro phase shifter, percussion, backing vocals, Systech flanger, Orchestra and choral arrangements.
Kelly Groucutt: Vocals, Gibson G3 bass guitar, percussion, backing vocals.
Mik Kaminski: Barcus Berry violin, Maestro Echoplex, Univox Univibe.
Hugh McDowell: Barcus Berry cello, Systech phaser, Mutron III, Mutron phasor, Maestro Echoplex.
Melvyn Gale: Barcus Berry cello, Maestro Echoplex.
Louis Clark: Orchestra and choral arrangements.
Mary Thomas: Operatic vocals
Patti Quatro: Uncredited vocals
Brie Brandt: Uncredited vocals
Addie Lee: Uncredited vocals

This album is the band's first and perhaps biggest radio oriented record and it sells 5 million copies worldwide and achieved 6th place in England and achieves in Jan. 1977 5 place in the United States.

The Single LivinĀ“ thing achieves a 4 place in the UK and (Jan 1977) a 13 place in the United States.

2'nd single release Rockaria! (Mar. 1977) achieves a 9th place in United Kingdom.

The third single release is a copy of The Move's only US hit, Do Ya (Apr. 1977) it achieves a 24 place in the United States after Tod Rundgren used it in his live show.

Fourth single release Telephone line (June 1977) achieves an 8 place in United Kingdom (Sept. 1977), a 7 place in the United States.

In the United States, 8 months after its release, the album achieves a 6 place!


The logo on the album is made by John Kosh

and click here to hear John Kosh talks about the Electric Light Orchestra logo.

Cover design by: Kosh/Ria Lewerke
Label: United Artists, UA-CA679-H
Country: United Steates of America
Item: 249

1: Tightrope (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
2: Rockaria! (Jeff Lynne) (3:12)
3: Mission (a world record) (Jeff Lynne) (4:24)
4: Shangri-La (Jeff Lynne) (5:34)
5: So fine (Jeff Lynne) (3:55)
6: Livin' thing (Jeff Lynne) (3:51)
7: Above the clouds (Jeff Lynne) (2:16)
8. Do Ya (Jeff Lynne) (3:45)
9. Telephone line (Jeff Lynne) (4:38)


Cover design by: Kosh/Ria Lewerke
Label: Jet Records, JET CA 200
Country: Nederlande
Item: 586

1: Tightrope (Jeff Lynne) (5:05)
2: Shangri-La (Jeff Lynne) (5:34)
3: Rockaria! (Jeff Lynne) (3:12)
4:Mission (a world record) (Jeff Lynne) (4:24)
5: So fine (Jeff Lynne) (3:55)
6: Livin' thing (Jeff Lynne) (3:51)
7: Above the clouds (Jeff Lynne) (2:16)
8. Do Ya (Jeff Lynne) (3:45)
9. Telephone line (Jeff Lynne) (4:38)