ELO 12": Secret messages.

Released: 1983
Produced by: Jeff Lynne
Engineered by: Bill Bottrell
Recorded in: Wisselord Studios, Hilversum, Holland

Jeff Lynne: Vocals, backing vocals, guitar, bass guitar, percussion, Oberheim DMX & synthheizers.
Bev Bevan: Drums & percussion.
Richard Tandy: Grand piano, electric piano, syntheizers, harmonica & Oberheim DSX.
Kelly Groucutt: Bass guitar & backing vocals.
Dave Morgan: Additional background vocals.
Mik Kaminski: Violin solo on Rock´n´roll is King.
Louis Clark: Strings conducted.

This album obtained (July 1983) a 4 place in the UK and only a 36 place in the United States.

The single Rock´N´Roll is King (June 1983) achieves a 13 place in the UK and (20 Aug. 1983) obtains the a 19 place in the United States.

2 single release Secret Messages (Sept. 1983) achieves only a 48 place in the UK.

3 single release Four little diamonds (8 Oct. 1983) achieves only 86 place in the US.

This track is the band's last hit in two years!

The Secret Messages album cover was built from an original print by Hags Photography called "The Future's A Bit Fishy. We've Got A Hand In It."

From this original print, images from various works of art were inserted (covering mot of the grass) and a pair of windows were added. From comparing the print for sale on their website to the ELO album cover, it appears that the print used for the ELO album cover was before the hand and the jets were added to the print (or were removed for the ELO cover).

This version tinted by Terry Day for B&H Photography competition
Original version for LP cover ‘Secret Messages’ Electric Light Orchestra
This version commissioned for a calendar entitled ‘The Future’. The art director didn’t like the old car, a Vauxhall Vellox which was in the original version so I said I would cover it up, putting my hand over it on the print. He was somewhat surprised upon seeing the finished picture that I meant literally adding my hand. The full title comes from the addition of the two fishes on the sidewalk, or pavement being Rochdale Lancashire UK, which I had lying around, the negatives not the fish.
The original version was designed by David Costa of Jubilee Graphics, later Wherefore Art, for the LP cover ‘Secret Messages’ by Electric Light Orchestra. The foreground contained figures from classical paintings and was hand tinted by Kim Harris. You can see a small portion of the car mentioned above, below and to the right of the members of the band in the second floor windows.
This is a link to a CD version……
(bit of a mess, well it is a CD. The LP was more refined)
One time I left my umbrella at a gallery opening – it started to drizzle and I had to go back. It changed my life. Casual decisions can have a dramatic effect on our experience. The future is unknown, the past we quantify for our own satisfaction. It’s not that the grass is greener, it’s that it’s green.

Cover design by: David Costa
Label: Jet Records, JET LX 527
Country: NL / EEC
Item: 590
Runout A: PAL-38490-HOL (flower) 20-527-1A-1 MASTERED AT ALLEN ZENTZ L.A., CALIF.
Runout B: PBL-38490-HOL (flower) NL 20-Jet-527-3B-1 MASTERED AT ALLEN ZENTZ L.A., CALIF.

A1: Secret messages (Jeff Lynne) (4:50)
A2: Loser gone wild (Jeff Lynne) (5:17)
A3: Bluebird (Jeff Lynne) (4:11)
A4: Take me on and on (Jeff Lynne) (4:57)
B1: Four little diamonds (Jeff Lynne) (4:05)
B2: Stranger (Jeff Lynne) (4:27)
B3: Danger ahead (Jeff Lynne) (3:51)
B4: Letter from Spain (Jeff Lynne) (2:50)
B5: Train of gold (Jeff Lynne) (4:19)
B6: Rock'n'roll is King (Jeff Lynne) (3:43)


Cover design by: David Costa
Label: Jet Records, JET LX 527
Country: France
Item: 83

1: Secret messages (Jeff Lynne) (4:10)
2: Loser gone wild (Jeff Lynne) (5:23)
3: Bluebird (Jeff Lynne) (4:11)
4: On and on (Jeff Lynne) (4:57)
5: Four little diamonds (Jeff Lynne) (3:55)
6: Stranger (Jeff Lynne) (4:27)
7: Danger ahead (Jeff Lynne) (3:44)
8: Letter from Spain (Jeff Lynne) (2:50)
9: Train of gold (Jeff Lynne) (4:19)
10: Rock'n'roll is King (Jeff Lynne) (3:07)


Cover design by: David Costa
Label: Epic, 19075837691
Barcode: 190758376912
Country: D
Item: 633
Runout A: 19075837691-A 173381E1/A1 MRP1227/19075837691/AB-A
Runout B: 19075837691-B 173381E2/A MRP1227/19075837691/AB-B
Runout C: 19075837691-C 173381E3/A MRP1227/19075837691/CD_C
Runout D: 19075837691-D 173381E4/A MRP1227/19075837691/CD-D

A1: Secret messages (Jeff Lynne) (4:43)
A2: Loser gone wild (Jeff Lynne) (5:27)
A3: Bluebird (Jeff Lynne) (4:13)
A4: Take Me On and on (Jeff Lynne) (4:59)
B1: Stranger (Jeff Lynne) (4:27)
B2: No Way Out (Jeff Lynne) (3:23)
B3: Letter from Spain (Jeff Lynne) (2:51)
B4: Danger ahead (Jeff Lynne) (3:52)
C1: Four little diamonds (Jeff Lynne) (4:05)
C2: Train of gold (Jeff Lynne) (4:20)
C3: Endless Lies (Jeff Lynne) (3:24)
C4: Buildings Have Eyes (Jeff Lynne) (4:04)
C5: Motor Factory / Rock'n'roll is King (Jeff Lynne) (3:10)
D1: Mandalay (Jeff Lynne) (5:20)
D2: Time After Time (Jeff Lynne) (4:01)
D3: After All (Jeff Lynne) (0:41)
D4: Hello My Old Friend (Jeff Lynne) (7:50)