Denny Laine, Lyrics:

Clock on the wall (Laine)
Dangerzone (Laine)
Fool's paradise (LeGlaire/Petty/Linsey)
Go now (Banks & Bennet)
Guess I´m only foolin' (Laine)
Heartbeat (Montgomery/Petty)
I'm gonna love you too (Mauldin/Petty/Sullivan)
I'm lookin' for someone to love (Holly/Petty)
It's so easy/Listen to me (medley) (Holly/Petty)
I would only smile (Laine)
Japanese tears (Laine)
Lonesome tears (Holly)
Look at me (Hardin/Petty)
Lovers light (Laine)
Moondreams (Petty)
Nothing to go by (Laine)
Rave on (West/Tilghman/Petty)
Same mistakes (Laine)
Say you don´t mind (Laine)
Send me the heart (P. McCartney & Laine)
Silver (Laine)
Somebody ought to know the way (Laine)
Take your time (Holly/Petty)
Weep for love (Laine)