THE ELO PART 2, Lyrics.:
Love Or Money

Just don't look, no matter what they say
Don't let her get to you, make her go away
But you're only human
And the best laid plans of men go astray
So all your good sense
Goes out the door
When you see that girl walk across the floor
Too late you've seen her
You've had a glimpse of paradise

You never want to have to choose
Is it love or money now
Even if you win you lose
Is it love or money now

I'll close my eyes, I don't want to see you
Just go ahead say what you will
And I'll agree
I don't want illusions
Don't want confusions anymore


Is it love or money, I said love or money
That can make your dreams come true
I know it sounds so funny
But it's always love or money
That makes you do the crazy things that you do


ELO pt. II

From Moment of Truth