Keith Smart is born in Aston, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Jim Holden in the group The Ugly's was in 1968 replaced by drummer Keith Smart from Danny King's Mayfair Set. Keith was previously involved with a group called The Lemon Tree and later joined Roy Wood's Wizzard (1972-1975). Another member to join The Ugly's who had strong The Move connections was keyboard player Richard Tandy who also played on the The Move’s Blackberry Way and eventually joined the Electric Light Orchestra.

By the end of 1968, Steve Gibbons was the only remaining original member of The Uglys. This final line-up also included Will Hammond, Dave Morgan, Keith Smart, and Richard Tandy. They recorded a Dave Morgan composition titled I've Seen The Light for a proposed single that was unfortunately never released officially. A demo copy recently sold for £1.200 !
Steve Gibbons teamed up with guitarist Trevor Burton from The Move in 1969 and by April of that year they had formed a new group called Balls along with singer/guitarist Denny Laine (formerly of the Moody Blues), and The Ugly's drummer Keith Smart.
The 'Balls' line-up was relatively short lived and after recording a solo album, Steve Gibbons joined a late line-up of the Idle Race which evolved into 'The Steve Gibbons Band' by the early 1970s. This group had a hit record with the Chuck Berry song Tulane in 1976 as well as undertaking extensive touring in the USA. Steve Gibbons continues to be very active musically around Birmingham to this day.

Keith Smart is one of the finest drummers the UK has produced. Best known for being the drummer of Roy Wood’s Wizzard, Keith has also played for legendary Brummie Beat band, Danny King & the Mayfair Set, the cult psych band, The Lemon Tree, The Ugly's, best known for the hit Wake Up My Mind, Balls, who were a failed supergroup, Clifford T Ward, The Rockin’ Berries, & absolute Velvet Underground legend, John Cale.