Eric Lee Troyer, born 10. April 1949 in Elkhart, Indiana, United States of America.

Eric is an American keyboardist, singer, songwriter, and occasional guitarist, best known as a member of ELO Part II and its successor, popular live band, The Orchestra. Troyer was a founding member of ELO Part II, having been recruited by band leader Bev Bevan in 1989 and wrote a substantial quantity of the material on their No Rewind album.

First line up: Bev Bevan (drums, percussion & backing vocals), Pete Haycock (guitars, bass, leadguitar & backing vocals), Eric Troyer (keyboards, lead & backing vocals) & Niel Lockwood (lead & backing vocals).
Mik Kaminski (Violin).

On the second album "Moment of truth" is Kelly Groucott in the band too.

Second line up: Bev Bevan (drums), Phil Bates (guitars & vocals), Eric Troyer (keyboards & vocals), Kelly Groucutt (bass & vocals), Mik Kaminski (violin) & Louis Clark (orchestral keyboards & orchestral arrangements)

In 2000-01 is Bev Bevan leavind the band and because he was the only belonging member of the Electric Light Orchestra from the beginning, claimed Jeff Lynne the rights to the band name by court.

After the case decides Kelly Groucutt and Mik Kaminski, that they will form a hole new band by themselves and play Electric Light Orchestra tracks, now under the name The Orchestra.

He has appeared as a session musician and backing vocalist on albums by such artists as John Lennon (Double Fantasy), Bonnie Tyler (Faster Than the Speed of Night, Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire, "Total Eclipse of the Heart"), Jim Steinman (Bad for Good), James Taylor, Carly Simon, Julian Lennon, Billy Joel (An Innocent Man), Frankie Miller (Double Trouble), Rick Derringer, Ian Hunter (All of the Good Ones Are Taken), Aerosmith, Kiss, Garland Jeffreys, Lou Reed (New Sensations), Celine Dion and Meat Loaf (Couldn't Have Said It Better).

In 1980, Troyer scored a minor solo hit with "Mirage." An accompanying album titled String of Pearls was recorded, but never officially released. Thirteen years later, he did release a solo CD, Model Citizen.
He also performed the song "This is the Love," which was featured in the 1989 film, Night Visitor.

Troyer has three daughters: Asia (born 1973), Lindsay (1983), and Lauren (1986).