Born 18. Jun, 1948, England.

The Planets, ?

The Nightriders was formed in 1963 and they played to jan. 1966. Mike Sheridan "lead vocal", Alan 'Big Al' Johnson "lead guitarist" and Dave Pritchard "guitarist" - formerly from a group called 'The Planets', Brian Cope "bass" and Roger Spencer "drums" /former, 'The Hound Dogs'). Mike Sheridan and The Nightriders soon established a reputation around Birmingham as one of the most accomplished bands on the scene at that time.

Roy Wood joined the band in may 1964 and shortly after Mike Sheridan left.

Their stageshow featured costumery, comedy and parody, but they playes also a loft of surf songs.

The Idle Race was formed i may 1966 when 3 members from Mike Sheridan & The Nightriders wanted to make a new band.

1. Line up. may 1966 to jan. 1970
Greg Masters bass/vocals, Dave Pritchard rythmguitar/vocals, Roger Spencer drums/vocals and Johnny Mann (ex. Vikings) guitar.

Jeff Lynne joins the band after 2 months when Johnny Mann left.

Jeff Lynne left the band in 1970 and went to The Move.

The Idle Race brought in two for replacement for Jeff Lynne, Mike Hopkins (ex. Diplomats) and Roy Cullom, who again was replaced by Dave Walker after two months.

2. Line up. jan. 1970 to feb. 1972.
Greg Masters bass/vocals, Dave Pritchard rythmguitar/vocals, Roger Spencer drums/vocals, Dave Walker vocal and Mike Hopkins leadguitar.

During the the group's last few months, all the members left to be replaced by what became Steve Gibbons Band.

Dave Pritchard became a comedian hereafter.

Dave is a very private bloke, he can be very stubborn when he wants and doesn't stand fools lightly. He has an amazing memory for dates and band events and they always called him when they needed to know when something happened. Musically he is a rhythm metronome and loves to play tunes in his own very distinctive and innovative style.