ELO, Lyrics:
The Whale.


Jeff Lynne
From the 1977 LP, Out of the Blue.

The instrumental "The Whale" from Out of the Blue is a dreamy, synthesizer driven song in which the vocoder again "speaks" some of the lyrics. Unfortunately, with the thick layering of the sounds, it's impossible to determine what the vocoder is saying. There are three main parts for the vocoder. At 1:12 in the song, there are two lines that are spoken and heavily bounced between the stereo channels; it's completely undetermined what it's supposed to be saying and it might even be the same lines repeated. At the 2:15 is a much louder and easier understood vocoder, but it's still undetermined what it's supposed to be saying. [Editor's Note: It has always sounded to me like "here in the whole world the people will die" which is surely incorrect.] Finally, starting at 3:02 are three lines similar to the first that are behind the mix and very difficult to hear; these lines might be all the same line alternating between the stereo channels and might even be a repeat of the lines at 1:12. No official source has ever confirmed what the vocoder is supposed to be saying here.