ELO, Lyrics:
The Diary of Horace Wimp.

Monday:Late again,today,he'd be in trouble though
he'd say he was sorry,he'd have to hurry out the bus.

Tuesday:Horace was so sad,he'd never had a girl that he
could care for,and if he was late once more,he'd be out.


Don't be afraid,just knock on the door,
Well he just stood there mumblin' and fumblin'.
Then a voice from above said--
"Horace Wimp,this is your life,
Go out and find yourself a wife.
Make a stand and be a man,
And you will have a great life plan."

Wednesday:Horace met a girl,she was small and she
was very pretty,he thought he was in love,he was afraid.

Thursday:Asks her for a date,the cafe down the street
tomorrow evening,his head was reeling,
when she said "Yes O.K."

Repeat Chorus

Friday:Horace,this is it,he asks the girl if maybe they
could marry,when she says "gladly." Horace cries.

Sunday:Everybody's at the church,when Horace
rushes in and says "Now here come my wife,
for the rest of my life." and she did.

Repeat Chorus

Jeff Lynne

From the 1979 LP, Discovery.