ELO, Lyrics:

You should be so happy
You should be so glad
21st century man.

Though you ride on the wheels of tomorrow
You still wander the fields of your sorrow.

Time, time, time, time...

Jeff Lynne

From the 1981 LP, Time.

"Epilogue" from Time. The ending of Time's Epilogue features a mysterious lyric. After the reprise of a "though you ride on the wheels of tomorrow, you still wander the fields of your sorrow" line, Jeff speaks (rather than sings) a couple of lines that are often misunderstood because they are vague and difficult to hear over the music. The line in questions sounds like (but is not confirmed as) "let me rise from this day forward, may the world still remember." There has been a lot of variation in how this line is interpreted and when asked directly about the line in a 2001 interview, Jeff claimed not to remember what it was supposed to say. The last word in particular (thought to be "remember") is particularly hard to hear because it is hidden underneath a loud crescendo in the music. It seems peculiar that Jeff should obscure the line so much as it is the final closing line of the album-- a line that one would think would deliver the final meaning to the album. But perhaps it was also done intentionally, to obscure the meaning of an album to which the theme is only loosely cohesive anyway.
The very end of the song and the very end of the album features a backwards running water sound effect, building to a backwards keyboard effect that abruptly ends. This backwards water effect somewhat mirrors the Time album's prologue, where the water effect is heard running forwards.