ELO Tape: On the third day.

Released: 1973
Produced by: Jeff Lynne
Engineered by: Dick Plant & Douglas Bogey
Recorded in: De Lane Lea Studios, Wembley, Middlesex

Jeff Lynne: Guitar & vocals.
Bev Bevan: Drums.
Richard Tandy: Moog & piano.
Michael D´ Albuquerque: Bass.
Colin Walker: Cello (track 5-9).
Wilf Gibson: Cello (track 5-9).
Mik Kaminski: Violin (track 1-4).
Mike Edwards: Cello.
Marc Bolan: Playing the riff on Ma-Ma-Ma- Belle with Jeff Lynne

Showdown is only on the album which was not released in the US!

This concept album was released by Warner Bros. in the UK, but failed to chart success.
United Artists released the same album in the US, where it achieved a 52 place.

The single Showdown (Feb. 1974) achieves a 53 place in the United States.

2 single release Ma-Ma-Ma-Belle achieves a 22 place in the UK in Apr. 1974th

3 single release Daybreaker achieves a 87 place in the US in May. 1974th

Cover design by: John Kehe
Label: Jet Records, TCK30091
Item: 258

1: Ocean Breakup, King of the universe (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
2: Bluebird is dead (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
3: Oh no not Susan (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
4: In the hall of the mountain King (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
5: Daybreaker (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
6: Ma-Ma-Ma Belle (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
7: Dreaming of 4000 (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
8: New world rising (Ocean Breakup, reprise) (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)