ELO CD: No answer.

Released: 1971
Produced by: Jeff Lynne & Roy Wood
Engineered by: Roger & Pete
Recorded in: Philips Studios London

Roy Wood: Vocals, cello, oboe, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, string bass, basson, clarinet, recorders, slide guitar & percussion.
Jeff Lynne: Vocals, piano, electric guitar, percussion & bass.
Bev Bevan: Drums & percussion.
Bill Hunt: French horn & hunting horn.
Steve Woolam: Violin.
Rick Price: Bass guitar on some original tracks (erased and redubbed by Wood and Lynne respectively)

This album (No answer) was ELO's debut and was in the UK called the Electric Light Orchestra and released on Harvest Records, single 10538 Overture obtains a 9th place in the UK and the album achieves a 32 place.

United Artists in the United States was calling Don Arden (ELO's manager) to get the title of the album, but when they failed to get him to the phone and the secretary says "No answer", the album will therefore be released in the US under the title No answer! it achieves a 196 place in the United States.

Cover design by: Hipgnosis
Label: EMI Harvest 724358298307
Country: US
Item: 186

1: 10538 Overture (Jeff Lynne) (5:28)
2: Look at me now (Jeff Lynne) (3:15)
3: Nellie takes her bow (Jeff Lynne) (5:58)
4: Battle of Marston Moor (July 2nd 1644) (Roy Wood) (6:01)
5: 1st. movement (Jeff Lynne) (2:58)
6: Mr. Radio (Jeff Lynne) (5:03)
7. Manhattan rumble (49th st. massacre) (Jeff Lynne) (4:21)
8. Queen of the hours (Jeff Lynne) (3:21)
9. Whisper of the night (Roy Wood) (4:45)
10. Battle of Marston Moor (Roy Wood) (0:56)
11. 10538 Overture (Jeff Lynne) (5:46)
12. 10538 Overture (promotion film) (5:25)