ELO CD: ELO's Greatest Hit, vol. II.

Released: 1992
Produced by: Jeff Lynne
Engineered by: Div.
Recorded in: Div.

Cover design by:
Label: Epic, 471956 2
Barcode: 5099747195624
Country: United Kingdom
Item: 305
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/release/844868-ELO-ELOs-Greatest-Hits-Vol-Two
Runout A: 02-471956-10 11 C9 DADC Austria

A1: Rock´n´roll is King (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A2: Hold on tight (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A3: All over the world (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A4: Wild west hero (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A5: The diary of Horace Wimp (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A6: Shine a little love (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A7: Confusion (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A8: Ticket to the moon (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A9: Don't bring me down (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A10: I'm alive (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A11: Last train to London (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A12: Don't walk away (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A13: Here is the news (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A14: Calling America (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A15: Twilight (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A16: Secret messages (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)