ELO 3xCD: Afterglow.

Released: 1990
Produced by: Jeff Lynne
Engineered by: Div.
Recorded in: Div.

Jeff Lynne:
Bev Bevan:
Richard Tandy:
Kelly Groucutt:
Mik Kaminski:
Hugh McDowell:
Melvyn Gale:

Cover design by:
Label: Epic, Z3K 46090
Barcode: 07464460902
Country: United States of America
Item: 273
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/release/7806465-Electric-Light-Orchestra-Afterglow
Runout A: DIDP-072677 3
Runout B:
Runout C:

A1: 10538 Overture (Jeff Lynne) (5:32)
A2: Mr. Radio (Jeff Lynne) (5:04)
A3: Kuiama (Jeff Lynne) (11:19)
A4: In old England Town (Boogie No. 2) (Jeff Lynne) (6:54)
A5: Mama (Jeff Lynne) (7:03)
A6: Roll over Beethoven (Chuck Berry) (8:08)
A7: Bluebird is dead (Jeff Lynne) (4:24)
A8: Ma-Ma-Ma Belle (Jeff Lynne) (3:52)
A9: Showdown (Jeff Lynne) (4:07)
A10: Can't get it out of my head (Jeff Lynne) (4:25)
A11: Boy blue (Jeff Lynne) (5:20)
A12: One summer dream (Jeff Lynne) (5:47)
B1: Evil woman (Jeff Lynne) (4:18)
B2: Tightrope (Jeff Lynne) (5:03)
B3: Strange magic (Jeff Lynne) (4:29)
B4: Do Ya (Jeff Lynne) (3:44)
B5: Nightrider (Jeff Lynne) (4:22)
B6: Waterfall (Jeff Lynne) (4:10)
B7: Rockaria! (Jeff Lynne) (3:14)
B8: Telephone line (Jeff Lynne) (4:39)
B9: So fine (Jeff Lynne) (3:54)
B10: Livin' thing (Jeff Lynne) (3:31)
B11: Mr. Blue Sky (Jeff Lynne) (3:47)
B12: Sweet is the night (Jeff Lynne) (2:27)
B13: Turn to stone (Jeff Lynne) (3:48)
B14: Sweet talkin' woman (Jeff Lynne) (3:48)
B15: Steppin' out (Jeff Lynne) (4:38)
B16: Midnight blue (Jeff Lynne) (4:17)
B17: Don't bring me down (Jeff Lynne) (4:03)
C1: Prologue (Jeff Lynne) (1:16)
C2: Twilight (Jeff Lynne) (3:33)
C3: Julie don't live here anymore (Jeff Lynne) (3:40)
C4: Shine a little love (Jeff Lynne) (4:39)
C5: When time stood still (Jeff Lynne) (3:33)
C6: Rain is falling (Jeff Lynne) (2:57)
C7: The Bouncher (Jeff Lynne) (3:13)
C8: Hello my old friend (Lynne) (7:51)
C9: Hold on tight (Jeff Lynne) (3:06)
C10: Four little diamonds (Jeff Lynne) (4:08)
C11: Mandalay (Jeff Lynne) (5:19).
C12: Buildings have eyes (Jeff Lynne) (3:55).
C13: So serious (Jeff Lynne) (2:39)
C14: Matter of fact (Jeff Lynne) (3:58)
C15: No way out (Jeff Lynne) (3:23)
C16: Getting to the point (Jeff Lynne) (4:28)
C17: Destination unknown (Jeff Lynne) (4:05)
C18: Rock´n´roll is King (Jeff Lynne) (3:07)