ELO 3x12": Three light years.

Released: 1978
Produced by: Jeff Lynne & Roy Wood
Engineered by: Div.
Recorded in: Div.

Cover design by:
Label: Jet Records, JET BX1
Country: UK
Item: 100
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/release/11831224-ELO-Three-Light-Years
Runout A: JET-BX-1-A-2 ALLEN
Runout B: JET-BX-1-B-2 ALLEN
Runout C: ET-BX-1.C-3 B
Runout D: JET-BX-1.D-1 ALLEN
Runout E: JET-BX-1-E-3 C
Runout F: JET BX 1 F2 ALLEN

A1: Ocean Breakup, King of the universe (Jeff Lynne) (4:05)
A2: Bluebird is dead (Jeff Lynne) (4:25)
A3: Oh no not Susan (Jeff Lynne) (2:52)
A4: New world rising (Ocean Breakup, reprise) (Jeff Lynne) (4:40)
B1: Daybreaker (Jeff Lynne) (3:50)
B2: Ma-Ma-Ma Belle (Jeff Lynne) (3:52)
B3: Dreaming of 4000 (Jeff Lynne) (5:00)
B4: In the hall of the mountain King (Jeff Lynne) (6:35)
C1: Eldorado overture (Jeff Lynne) (2:12)
C2: Can't get it out of my head (Jeff Lynne) (4:26)
C3: Boy blue (Jeff Lynne) (5:17)
C4: Laredo tornado (Jeff Lynne) (5:26)
C5: Poor boy (the Greenwood) (Jeff Lynne) (2:56)
D1: Mister Kingdom (Jeff Lynne) (5:50)
D2: Nobody's child (Jeff Lynne) (3:40)
D3: Illusions in G major (Jeff Lynne) (2:36)
D4: Eldorado (Jeff Lynne) (5:20)
D5: Eldorado finale (Jeff Lynne) (1:20)
E1: Fire on high (Jeff Lynne) (5:27)
E2: Waterfall (Jeff Lynne) (4:07)
E3: Evil woman (Jeff Lynne) (4:28)
E4: Nightrider (Jeff Lynne) (4:20)
F1: Poker (Jeff Lynne) (3:29)
F2: Strange magic (Jeff Lynne) (4:28)
F3: Down home town (Jeff Lynne) (3:48)
F4: One summer dream (Jeff Lynne) (5:37)