ELO 12": Collection.

Released: 1981
Produced by: Roy Wood & Jeff Lynne
Engineered by: Div.
Recorded in: Div.

Jeff Lynne: Vocals, guitar, Moog,harmonium, piano, electric guitar, percussion & bass.
Bev Bevan: Percussion & drums.
Richard Tandy: Moog, piano, guitar, harmonium & vocal harmonies.
Michael D´ Albuquerque: Bass & vocal harmonies.
Colin Walker: Violin.
Wilf Gibson: Violin.
Mike Edwards: Cello.
Roy Wood: Vocals, cello, oboe, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, string bass, basson, clarinet, recorders, slide guitar & percussion.
Bill Hunt: French horn & hunting horn.
Steve Woolam: Violin.

Cover design by:
Label: Harvest, 1C028-05698
Country: D / EEC
Item: 18
Runout A: 05 698 A-1
Runout B: 05 698 B-1

A1: Roll over Beethoven (Chuck Barry) (6:58)
A2: Whisper in the night (Roy Wood) (4:43)
A3: Queen of the hours (Jeff Lynne) (3:19)
A4: 10538 Overture (Jeff Lynne) (5:27)
B1: Showdown (Jeff Lynne) (4:07)
B2: From the sun to the world (boogie no. 1) (Jeff Lynne) (8:14)
B3: In old England Town (Jeff Lynne) (2:39)
B4: 1'st movement (jumping biz) (Roy Wood) (2:56)