Roy Orbison, 12":
Mystery girl.

Released: 1989
Produced by: Jeff Lynne (Track 1,4,5), Roy Orbison & Mike Cambell (Track 8,9,10), Roy Orbison, Mike Cambell & Barbara Orbison (Track 2), Bono (Track 6), T Bone Burnett (Track 3,7).
Engineered by: Richard Dodd, Phil McDonald & Don Smith (Track 1,4,5), Don Smith (Track 2,6,8,9,10), Rik Pekkonen & Kevin Killen (Track 3,7).
Recorded in: Rumbo Studios.

Roy Orbison: Acoustic guitar, guirat, vocals & background vocals. (Track 1 - 10).
Jeff Lynne: Guitars, keyboard, piano, bass & backing vocals. (Track 1,4,5,9).
Tom Petty: Acoustic guitar & background vocals. (Track 1,5).
Phil Jones: Drums & percussion. (Track 1).
Mike Cambell: Bass, guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin & electric guitar. (Track 2,5,9,10).
Jim Keltner: Drums. (Track 2,6,7,8,910).
Al Kooper: Organ. (Track 2).
Mike Utley: Strings arrangement. (Track 2,9).
Howie Epstein: Bass & background vocals. (Track 2,6,8,9,10).
Tom Petty: Acoustic guitar & background vocals. (Track 1,2,5).
Barbara Orbison: Background vocals. (Track 2).
Roy Kelton Orbison: Background vocals. (Track 2).
Billy Burnette: Acoustic guitar & background vocals. (Track 3).
Rick Vito: Electric guitar, background vocals & slide guitar. (Track 3,9).
T-Bone Walk: Electric bass. (Track 3).
Boell Neidlinger: Arco bass. (Track 3,7).
Mickey Curry: Drums. (Track 3).
George Harrison: Acoustic guitar. (Track 4).
Ray Cooper: Drums. (Track 4).
Louis Clark: Strings. (Track 4,5).
Ian Wallace: Drums & percussion. (Track 5).
Bono: Guitars. (Track 6).
Benmont Tench: Piano, cheap strings & organ. (Track 6,9,10).
David Rhodes: Guitar. (Track 7).
T-Bone Burnett: Guitar. (Track 7).
Mitchell Froom: Piano. (Track 7).
Jerry Scheff: String bass. (Track 7).
David Miner: String bass. (Track 7).
Gary Coleman: Percussion. (Track 7).
Steve Cooper: Guitar & Memphis horn. (Track 8).
Jim Horn: Horn. (Track 8).

Cover design by: Jeff Ayeroff, Melanie Nissen & Tim Stedman
Label: Virgin Records, USA V2576
Barcode: 5012981257613
Country: United States of America
Item: 461
Runout A: V 2576 A-1U-1-1 D TOWNHOUSE DMM
Runout B: V 2576 B X-1U-1-1 D TOWNHOUSE DMM

A1: You got it (Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison & Tom Petty) (3:27)
A2: In the real world (W.Jennings & R.Kerr) (3:40)
A3: (all I can do is) Dream you (B.Burnette & D.Malloy) (3:40)
A4: A love so beautiful (Jeff Lynne & Roy Orbison) (3:30)
A5: California blue (Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne & Tom Petty) (3:53)
B1: She┬┤s a mystery to me (David Evans (the Edge) & Paul Hewson (Bono)) (4:16)
B2: The Comedians (Elvis Costello) (3:22)
B3: The only one (Wesley Orbinson & Craig Wiseman) (3:57)
B4: Windsurfer (Roy Orbison & B.Dees) (4:02)
B5: Careless heart (Roy Orbison & Diane Warren) (4:08)