To our childrens childrens children

Released: 1969/2008
Produced by: Tony Clarke
Engineered by: Derek Varnals/Adrian Martins & Robin Thompson
Recorded in: ?

Mike Pinder: Keyboards.
Justin Hayward: Guitar & vocal.
Graeme Edge: Drums.
Ray Thomas: Vocals & harp.
John Lodge: Bass & vocals.


Cover design by: Phil Travers
Label: Threshold, 530 857-9
Barcode: 600753085790
Country: EEC
Item: 779
Runout A: 06007 857-9 02 ✳ 52128116 4 Universal logos around Matrix MADE IN GERMANY BY EDC D

A1: Higher and higher (G.Edge) (4:06)
A2: Eyes of a child, part 1. (J.Lodge) (3:23)
A3: Floating (R.Thomas) (3:01)
A4: Eyes of a child, part 2. (J.Lodge) (1:23)
A5: I never thought I'd live to be a hundred (J.Hayward) (1:05)
A6: Beyond (instrumental) (G.Edge) (2:58)
A7: Out and in (M.Pinder/J.Lodge) (3:47)
A8: Gyspy (J.Hayward) (3:33)
A9: Eternity Road (R.Thomas) (4:19)
A10: Candle of life (J.Lodge) (4:17)
A11: Sun is still shining (M.Pinder) (3:39)
A12: I never thought I'd live to be a million (J.Hayward) (0:33)
A13: Watching and waiting (J.Hayward/R.Thomas) (4:16)
A14: Gyspy (alternative version) (J.Hayward) (4:16)
A15: Candle of life (alternative version) (J.Lodge) (4:55)
A16: Sun is still shining (extended version) (M.Pinder) (4:03)
A17: Have you heard / The Voyage / Have you heard (5:50)
A18: Legend of a mind (live) (R.Thomas) (4:33)