The Collection

Released: 2001
Produced by:
Engineered by:
Recorded in:

Mike Pinder: Keyboards.
Justin Hayward: Guitar & vocal.
Graeme Edge: Drums.
Ray Thomas: Vocals & harp.
John Lodge: Bass & vocals.


Cover design by:
Label: Decca / Universal, 560 241-2
Barcode: 731456024127
Country: EEC
Item: 780
Runout A: 07314 560 242-2 02 ✳ 51190318 IFPI 0115 MADE IN GERMANY BY EDC C
Runout B: 07314 560 243-2 01 ✳ 51196382 IFPI 0115 MADE IN GERMANY BY EDC C

A1: Go now ! (Banks & Bennett) (3:10)
A2: Tuesday afternoon (Forever afternoon) (J.Hayward) (4:48)
A3: Nights in white satin (J.Hayward) (5:38)
A4: Late lament (G. Edge / Peter Knight) (2:00)
A5: Ride my see-saw (J.Lodge) (3:42)
A6: Legend of a mind (R.Thomas) (6:37)
A7: Voices in the sky (J.Hayward) (3:29)
A8: Lovely to see you (J.Hayward) (2:37)
A9: Never comes the day (J.Hayward) (4:40)
A10: Gyspy (of a strange and distant time) (J.Hayward) (3:33)
A11: Candle of life (J.Lodge) (4:12)
A12: Watching and waiting (J.Hayward/R.Thomas) (4:14)
A13: Question (Hayward) (5:43)
A14: Melancholy man (Pinder) (5:45)
A15: The story in your eyes (J.Hayward) (3:05)
A16: Lost in a lost world (Pinder) (4:41)
A17: Isn´t life strange (Lodge) (6:08)
A18: I´m just a singer (in a rock and roll band) (Lodge) (4:17)
B1: Remember Me, My friend (J. Hayward & J. Lodge) (5:24)
B2: Blue guitar (J. Hayward) (3:37)
B3: Steppin´ in a slide zone (Lodge) (5:05)
B4: Driftwood (Hayward) (4:24)
B5: Forever Autumn (Jeff Wayne, Gary Osborne, Paul Vigrass) (4:30)
B6: The voice (J. Hayward) (5:13)
B7: Talking out of turn (J. Lodge) (4:56)
B8: Gemini dream (J.Hayward & J. Lodge) (4:04)
B9: Blue world (J.Hayward) (5:10)
B10: Sitting at the wheel (J.Lodge) (5:35)
B11: Your wildest dreams (J. Hayward) (4:50)
B12: The other side of life (J. Hayward) (6:50)
B13: I know you're out there somewhere (J. Hayward) (6:36)
B14: Say it with love (J. Hayward) (3:56)
B15: Bless the wings (That bring you back) (J. Hayward) (4:00)
B16: Highway (J. Hayward) (4:35)