Roy Wood, 12": Mustard.

Released: 1975
Produced by: Roy Wood
Engineered by: De Lane Lea, Dick Plant, Mike Pela, Roy Wood.
Recorded in:

Roy Wood: All instruments and vocals.
Phil Everly: Who sang the middle bits on "Get on down home".
Annie Haslam: Who sang all the high bits on the beginning of "The rain came down on everything"Backing vocal.
Rick Price: Who sang the choir parts on "The song".
Dick Plant: Who sang the choir parts on "The song".

Cover design by: Roy Wood
Label: Polydor / Jet Records, LP12 (2310 418)
Country: United Kingdom
Item: 505

1: Mustard (Roy Wood) (1:28)
2: Any old time will do (Roy Wood) (4:13)
3: The rain came down on everything (Roy Wood) (6:35)
4: You sure got it now (Roy Wood) (5:11)
5: Why does such a pretty girl sing those sad songs (Roy Wood) (4:34)
6: The song (Roy Wood) (6:40)
7: Look thru' the eyes of a fool (Roy Wood) (2:55)
8: Interlude (Roy Wood) (1:28)
9: Get on down home (Roy Wood) (4:35)