ELO Tape: Face the music.

Released: 1975
Produced by: Jeff Lynne
Engineered by: Marc, Musicland, Munic, Jimmy & Dave, Record Plant, NewYork, Richard, De Lana Lea, London.
Recorded in: Musicland Studios, Munic, Strings recorded at De Lane Lea Studios, London, Re-Mixed af The Record Plant, New York, Mastered af The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles

Jeff Lynne: Guitar, backing vocals & vocals, orchestra conducting.
Bev Bevan: Drums, percussion & backing vocals.
Richard Tandy: Moog, guitar, clavinet & piano.
Kelly Groucutt: Bass & backing vocals.
Mik Kaminski: Violin.
Hugh McDowell: Cello.
Melvyn Gale: Cello.
Louis Clark: Orchestra conducting.
Ellie Greenwich: Uncredited vocals
Susan Collins: Uncredited vocals
Nancy O'Neill: Uncredited vocals
Margaret Raymond: Uncredited vocals

This album obtained an 8 place in the United States.

The single Evil Woman (Jan. 1976) achieves a 10 place in the UK and (Feb. 1976) obtains also 10 place in the US.

2 single release Strange Magic (May 1976) achieves a 14 place in the US and (July 1976) a 38 place in the UK.

Cover design by: John Kehe / Mick Haggerty/Art Attack.
Label: United Artists, TCK 30034
Country: Sweden
Item: 253

1: Fire on high (Jeff Lynne) (5:27)
2: Waterfall (Jeff Lynne) (4:07)
3: Evil woman (Jeff Lynne) (4:28)
4: Nightrider (Jeff Lynne) (4:20)
5: Poker (Jeff Lynne) (3:29)
6: Strange magic (Jeff Lynne) (4:28)
7: Down home town (Jeff Lynne) (3:48)
8. One summer dream (Jeff Lynne) (5:37)