ELO 2x12": The History of rock, vol. 33.

Released: 1985
Produced by:
Engineered by:
Recorded in:

Cover design by:
Label: Orbis, HRL033
Item: 89

1: Rip her to schreds (Harry, Stein)
2: Denis (N.Levenson)
3: Hanging on the telephone (Harry, Stein)
4: Heart of glass (Harry, Stein)
5: Dreaming (Harry, Stein)
6: Sunday girl (C.Stein)
7. The Tide is high (John Holt)

Electric Light Orchestra:
8. 10538 Overture (Jeff Lynne)
9. Roll over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)
10: Showdown (Jeff Lynne)
11: Momma (Jeff Lynne)

12: Waterloo (B.Andersson, S.Andersson, B.Ulvaeus)
13: Dancing Queen (B.Andersson, S.Andersson, B.Ulvaeus)
14: Knowing me, knowing you (B.Andersson, S.Andersson, B.Ulvaeus)
15: The name of the game (B.Andersson, S.Andersson, B.Ulvaeus)
16: Money money money (B.Andersson, S.Andersson, B.Ulvaeus)
17: Souper Trouper (B.Andersson, S.Andersson, B.Ulvaeus)

David Essex:
18. Rock on (David Essex)
19. Lamplight (David Essex)
20: Gonna make you a star (David Essex)
21. Stardust (David Essex)
22. Rollin' stone (David Essex)
23. Hold me close (David Essex)
24. Cool out tonight (David Essex)