Wizzard, CD":

Released: 1993
Produced by: Denny Cordel A1-A4, Jeff Lynne A7, Jimmy Miller A5, Mike Hurst A6, Roy Wood A7
Engineered by:
Recorded in:


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Label: VSOP, CD 189
Barcode: 5015773913728
Country: UK
Item: 444
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/release/3291295-Roy-Wood-Singles
Runout A: VSOPCD 189 MPO 01 @@

A1: The Move - Night of fear (Roy Wood) (2:14)
A2: The Move - I can hear the grass grow (Roy Wood) (3:01)
A3: The Move - Flowers in the rain (Roy Wood) (2:31)
A4: The Move - Fire brigade (Roy Wood) (2:23)
A5: The Move - Blackberry way (Roy Wood) (3:42)
A6: The Move - Curly (Roy Wood) (2:45)
A7: The Move - Brontosaurus (Roy Wood) (4:29)
A8: The Move - Tonight (Roy Wood) (3:18)
A9: The Move - Chinatown (Roy Wood) (3:07)
A10: The Move - California Man (Roy Wood) (3:36)
A11: Wizzard - Ball Park incident (Roy Wood) (3:40)
A12: Wizzard - See my baby jive (Roy Wood) (4:59)
A13: Roy Wood - Dear Elaine (Roy Wood) (4:09)
A14: Wizzard - Angel fingers (a teen ballad) (Roy Wood) (4:32)
A15: Roy Wood - Forever (Roy Wood) (4:19)
A16: Wizzard - I wish it could be christmas everyday (Roy Wood) (4:39)
A17: Wizzard - Rock and roll winter (Roy Wood) (5:04)
A18: Roy Wood - Goin' down the road (a Scottish reggae song) (Roy Wood) (3:03)
A19: Wizzard - This is the story of my love (baby) (Roy Wood) (5:07)
A20: Wizzard - "Are you ready to rock" (Roy Wood) (2:30)
A21: Roy Wood - Oh what a shame (Roy Wood) (3:52)