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    Volume 3.

    Released: 1990
    Produced by: Spike & Clayton Wilbury
    Engineered by: Richard Dodd
    Recorded in: Wilbury Mountain Studio & F.P.S.H.O.T.

    Clayton (Jeff Lynne): Acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, lead & backing vocals.
    Spike Wilbury (George Harrison): Acoustic guitars, mandolins, sitar, lead & backing vocals.
    Muddy Wilbury (Tom Petty): Acoustic guitar, lead & backing vocals.
    Boo Wilbury (Bob Dylan): Acoustic guitar, harmonica, lead & backing vocals.

    Jim Keltner: Drums.
    Jim Horn: Saxophones.
    Ray Cooper: Percussion.
    Gary Moore: Lead guitar (on She's my baby).

    Cover design by: David Costa & Nicky Hames
    Label: Wilbury Record Company & Warner Bros., 7599-26324-1
    Country: Germany
    Item: 466
    Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/release/1022568-Traveling-Wilburys-Vol-3
    Runout A: R/S Alsdorf 759 926324-1-Axx
    Runout B: R/S Alsdorf 759 926324-1-Bx

    A1: She's my baby (Traveling Wilburys) (3:12)
    A2: Inside out (Traveling Wilburys) (3:33)
    A3: If you belonged to me (Traveling Wilburys) (3:11)
    A4: The devil's been busy (Traveling Wilburys) (3:18)
    A5: 7 Deadly sins (Traveling Wilburys) (3:16)
    A6: Poor house (Traveling Wilburys) (3:14)
    B1: Where were you last night (Traveling Wilburys) (3:00)
    B2: Cool dry place (Traveling Wilburys) (3:33)
    B3: New blue moon (Traveling Wilburys) (3:15)
    B4: You took my breath away (Traveling Wilburys) (3:18)
    B5: Wilbury twist (Traveling Wilburys) (2:56)