Volume one.

Released: 1988
Produced by: Otis & Nelson Wilbury
Engineered by: Richard Dodd, Phil Macdonald, Don Smith & Bill Bottrell
Recorded in: Fpshot, Lucky Studios & Dave Stewarts Studios

Otis Wilbury (Jeff Lynne): Keyboards, guitars, lead & backing vocals.
Nelson Wilbury (George Harrison): Guitars, lead & backing vocals.
Charlie T. Jnr. (Tom Petty): Acoustic guitar, lead & backing vocals.
Lefty Wilbury (Roy Orbison): Acoustic guitar, lead & backing vocals.
Lucky Wilbury (Bob Dylan): Acoustic guitar, lead & backing vocals.

Jim Keltner: Drums.
Jim Horn: Saxophones.
Ray Cooper: Percussion.
Ian Wallace: Tom toms (on Handle with care).

Cover design by: David Costa & Gered Mankowitz & Chris Smith
Label: Wilbury Record Company, WX224 925796-1
Country: Germany
Item: 465
Runout A: R/S Alsdorf 925796-1-Axxx H
Runout B: R/S Alsdorf 925796-1-Bx H 66

A1: Handle with care (Traveling Wilburys) (3:20)
A2: Dirty world (Traveling Wilburys) (3:30)
A3: Rattled (Traveling Wilburys) (3:00)
A4: Last night (Traveling Wilburys) (3:48)
A5: Not alone anymore (Traveling Wilburys) (3:24)
B1: Congratulations (Traveling Wilburys) (3:30)
B2: Heading for the night (Traveling Wilburys) (3:37)
B3: Margarita (Traveling Wilburys) (3:16)
B4: Tweeter and the monkey man (Traveling Wilburys) (5:30)
B5: End of the line (Traveling Wilburys) (3:30)