This is the Moody Blues

Released: 1974
Produced by: Tony Clarke
Engineered by:
Recorded in:

Mike Pinder: Keyboards.
Justin Hayward: Guitar & vocal.
Graeme Edge: Drums.
Ray Thomas: Vocals & harp.
John Lodge: Bass & vocals.


Cover design by:
Label: Threshold, MB 1/2
Country: UK
Item: 737
Runout A: XZAL 13343 A // 4X ▽ 420
Runout B: XZAL13344 40 ▽ E D
Runout C: XZAL-13345,P-2W
Runout D: XZAL 13346 9X ▽ 420

A1: Question (J. Hayward) (-:--)
A2: The Actor (J. Hayward) (-:--)
A3: The Word (G. Edge) (-:--)
A4: Eyes of a child (J Lodge) (-:--)
A5: Dear diary (R. Thomas) (-:--)
A6: Legend of a mind (R. Thomas) (-:--)
B1: In the beginning (G. Edge) (-:--)
B2: Lovely to see you (J. Hayward) (-:--)
B3: Never comes the day (J. Hayward) (-:--)
B4: Isn't life strange (J. Lodge) (-:--)
B5: The Dream (G. Edge) (-:--)
B6: Have you heard (part 1.) (M. Pinder) (-:--)
B7: The Voyage (M. Pinder) (-:--)
B8: Have you heard (part 2.) (M. Pinder) (-:--)
C1: Ride my see saw (J. Lodge) (-:--)
C2: Thuesday afternoon (J. Hayward) (-:--)
C3: And the tide rushes in (R. Thomas) (-:--)
C4: New horizons (J. Hayward) (-:--)
C5: Simple game (M. Pinder) (-:--)
C6: Watching and waiting (J. Hayward / R. Thomas) (-:--)
D1: I'm just a singer in a rock and roll band (J. Lodge) (-:--)
D2: For my lady (R. Thomas) (-:--)
D3: The story in your eyes (J. Hayward) (-:--)
D4: Melanccholy man (M. Pinder) (-:--)
D5: Nights in white satin (J. Hayward) (-:--)
D6: Late lament (G. Edge / Peter Knight) (-:--)