THE MOODY BLUES, 12": The Magnificent Moodies

Released: 1981
Produced by: Denny Cordel (Except "Go now", produced by A. Wharton)
Engineered by:
Recorded in:

Mike Pinder: Keyboards.
Graeme Edge: Drums.
Ray Thomas: Vocals, flute, maraccos, harmonica, tamborine & harp.
Denny Laine: Guitar & vocals.
Clint Warwick: Bass


Cover design by:
Label: Decca London, K 4711
Country: Scandinavia
Item: 715
Runout A: LK 4711 A 8 P 81 F 710
Runout B: LK 4711 B 8 P 81 F 710

A1: I´ll go crazy (Brown) (-:--) (Denny Laine, vocal)
A2: Something you got (Kenner) (-:--) (Denny Laine, vocal)
A3: Go now ! (Banks & Bennett) (-:--) (Denny Laine, vocal)
A4: Can´t nobody love you (Mitchell) (-:--)
A5: I don´t mind (Brown) (-:--) (Mike Pinder, vocal)
A6: I´ve got a dream (Berry & Greenwich) (-:--) (Denny Laine & Clint Warwick, vocals)
B1: Let me go (Laine & Pinder) (-:--) (Denny Laine, vocal)
B2: Stop (Laine & Pinder) (-:--) (Denny Laine, vocal)
B3: Thank you baby (Laine & Pinder) (-:--) (Denny Laine, vocal)
B4: It ain´t necessarily so (Gershwin, Gershwin & Heyward) (-:--) (Ray Thomas, vocal)
B5: True story (Laine & Pinder) (-:--) (Denny Laine, vocal)
B6: Bye bye bird (Williamson & Dixon) (-:--) (Denny Laine, vocal)