Long distance voyager

Released: 1981
Produced by: Pip Williams
Engineered by:
Recorded in:

Justin Hayward: Guitar & vocals.
John Lodge: Bass & vocals.
Ray Thomas: Vocals, flute & harmonica.
Graeme Edge: Drums.
Patric Moraz: Keyboards.


Cover design by:
Label: London Records, LPR 54001
Country: Mexico
Item: 728
Runout A: LPR-54001 A- MPI 28/I/83 Rco
Runout B: LPR-54001 B- MPI 28/I/83 Rco

A1: La voz (The voice) (J. Hayward) (5:11)
A2: Hablando fuera de turno (Talking out of turn) (J. Lodge) (7:17)
A3: El sueno de geminis (Gemini dream) (J.Hayward & J. Lodge) (4:06)
A4: En mi mundo (In my world) (J. Hayward) (7:18)
B1: Mientras tanto (Meanwhile) (J. Hayward) (4:05)
B2: 22,000 Dias (20,000 days) (G. Edge) (5:28)
B3: Nervios (Nervous) (J. Lodge) (5:42)
B4: Sonrisa pintada (Painted smile) (R. Thomas) (3:20)
B5: Sonrisa reflectiva (Reflective smile) (R. Thomas) (0:36)
B6: Viejo rocanrolero cosmico (Veteran cosmic rocker) (R. Thomas) (3:07)


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Label: Threshold / Decca, TXS 139
Country: UK
Item: 729
Runout A: TXS 139 A 5P81 F 710
Runout B: TXS 139 B 5P81 F 710

A1: The voice (J. Hayward) (5:11)
A2: Talking out of turn (J. Lodge) (7:17)
A3: Gemini dream (J.Hayward & J. Lodge) (4:05)
A4: In my world (J. Hayward) (7:17)
B1: Meanwhile (J. Hayward) (4:07)
B2: 20.000 days (G. Edge) (5:24)
B3: Nervous (J. Lodge) (5:40)
B4: Painted smile (R. Thomas) (3:22)
B5: Reflective smile (R. Thomas) (0:36)
B6: Veteran cosmic rocker (R. Thomas) (3:09)