Miss B. Haven, 12":
Nobody's angel.

Released: 1990
Produced by: Jeff Lynne (track 2,3&8), Duncan Bridgeman (track 1,4,5,6,7&9), Finn Verwohlt (track 10)
Engineered by:
Recorded in:

Jeff Lynne: Backing vocals, keyboards & additional guitars.
Lise Cabble: Vocals & guitars.
Anne Vig Skovsen: Guitars & backing vocals.
Lene Eriksen: Bass & backing vocals.
Mette Mathiesen: Drums, keyboards, percussion & backing vocals.
Duncan Bridgeman: Keyboard & additional guitars.
Kasper Winding: Drums. (track 10).
Steen ├śrting: Piano. (track 10).
Dodo Gad: Backing vocals. (track 10).
Maria Bramsen: Backing vocals. (track 10).
Finn Verwohlt: Backing vocals. (track 10).
Jens Rud: Backing vocals. (track 10).

Cover design by: Russell Mills
Label: Sonet, 1017
Country: Nederlande
Item: 462
Discogs: No!
Runout A: 1017 08 25841 20 1A1 A
Runout B: 1017 08 25841 20 1B1 A

A1: Making love in the snow (Caable) (4:13)
A2: Nobody's angel (Cabble) (3:19)
A3: You're wrong (Cabble) (3:38)
A4: Suzanne (Cabble) (3:30)
A5: Lean on me (Cabble/Mathiesen) (3:59)
B1: Gimme what I want (Cabble) (4:35)
B2: Make smile (come up and see me) (Steve Harley) (4:22).
B3: Sand in my eyes (Cabble) (3:18)
B4: Have mersy (Cabble) (2:58)
B5: Tiptoe (Cabble) (5:26)