Jeff Healey Band, 12":
Hell to pay.

Released: 1990
Produced by: Ed Stasium.
Engineered by: Paul Hammingson
Recorded in: Le Studio, Morin Heights

Jeff Lynne: Backin vocals and acoustic guitar on While my guitar gently weeps.

Cover design by: Maude Gilman & Dimo Safari
Label: Arista, 210 815
Country: EEC
Item: 457
Runout A: 08 30153 20 1A1 210815
Runout B: 08 30153 20 1B1 210815

A1: Full circle (Healey, Rockman & Stephen) (4:11)
A2: I think I love you too much (M.Knofler) (6:27)
A3: I can't get my hands on you (Healey) (3:40)
A4: How long can a man be strong (Scott, Crooper) (4:25)
A5: Let it all go (Hiatt) (3:42)
A6: Hell to play (Healey, Rockman & Stephen) (3:53)
B1: While my guitar gently weeps (George Harrison) (5:13)
B2: Something to hold on to (Healey) (3:56)
B3: How much (Sutton, Tate) (4:46)
B4: Highway of dreams (Healey, Rockman & Stephen) (4:47)
B5: Life beyound the sky (Healey, Rockman & Stephen) (4:56)