Access all Areas - Live in Australia

Released: 2003
Produced by: George Reed
Engineered by: David Hemming & Roland Ruess
Recorded in: The Entertainment Centre, Sydney Australia d. 18-19/3/1995

Bev Bevan: Drums.
Eric Troyer: Keyboards & vocals.
Mik Kaminski: Violin
Kelly Groucutt: Bass & vocal.
Phil Bates: Guitar & vocals.
Louis Clark: Orchestral arrangements

Cover design by: WAPS Haburg
Label: NBD TV, 500461
Country: Nederlande
Item: 369

1: Standing in the rain (Lynne)
2: Showdown (Lynne)
3: Eldorado overture (Lynne)
4: Turn to stone (Lynne)
5: Do Ya (Lynne)
6: Don´t wanna (E.Troyer)
7: Ain´t necessarily so (Bevan & Bates)
8: Don´t bring me down (Lynne)
9: All fall down (E.Troyer)