THE ELO PART 2, CD Maxi.: Honest men.

Released: 1991
Produced by: Jeff Glixman
Engineered by: Jonathan Miller, Gary, Mark Derryberry & Ray (Dude) Blair
Recorded in: The Mill Studios, Angel Studios Cookham, Rick Bitch Studios Birmingham England & Fanfare Studios Golden Colorado, Capitol Studios Hollywood California USA

Niel Lockwood: Lead vocal & backing vocals.
Bev Bevan: Drums, percussion & backing vocals.
Pete Haycock: Guitars, bass, lead vocal & backing vocals.
Eric Troyer: Keyboards, lead vocal & backing vocals.
Mik Kaminski: Violin

Cover design by: Ron McPherson
Label: Disky, DCD 9162
Country: Benelux
Item: 367

1: Honest men (remix) (E.Troyer) (4:25)
2: Love for sale (Bevan & Haycock) (4:14)
3: Honest men (E.Troyer) (6:13)