THE ELO PART 2, CD Single.:
Breakin' down the walls.

Released: 1994
Produced by: Stephan Galfas
Engineered by: Jonathan Miller, Gary, Mark Derryberry & Ray (Dude) Blair
Recorded in: Carriage House Studios, Stamford Connecticut & Great Linford Manor Recording Studios, Milton Keynes England & Withfield Recording Studios, London England.

Bev Bevan: Drums.
Eric Troyer: Keyboards & vocals.
Mik Kaminski: Violin
Kelly Groucutt: Bass & vocal.
Phil Bates: Guitar & vocals.
Louis Clark: Orchestral keyboards & orchestral arrangements.

Cover design by: Stephan Galfas & Graham Reynolds
Label: ULTRAPOP, 0096215 ULT
Item: 366

1: Breakin´ down the Walls (radio edit) (ELO II) (3:50)
2: Breakin´ down the Walls (ELO II) (4:27)
3: Don´t wanna (ELO II) (3:41)