Dave Edmunds, 12":

Released: 1983
Produced by: Dave Edmunds & Jeff Lynne (track 1+7)
Engineered by: Carey Tylor & Bill Mottrell
Recorded in: Maison Rouge, Eden and Wisseloord, Nederlande


Cover design by: Peter Ashworth & Marcus Wilson & David Shortt.
Label: Arista, ARI90065
Country: Scandinavia
Item: 458
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/release/1697488-Dave-Edmunds-Information
Runout A: 205348 A-1 16-90065-2A-1 IN A STYLE OF HIS OWN •A• A PORKY PRIME CUT
Runout B: 205348 B-1 16-90065-1B-1 A PORKY PRIME CUT

A1: Slipping away (Jeff Lynne) (4:21)
A2: Don't you double (Moon-Martin) (3:16)
A3: I want you bad (Adams, Crandin) (2:36)
A4: Wait (J.Geils) (4:11)
A5: The watch on my wrist (Paul Kennerly) (2:08)
A6: The shape I'm in (Lee Cathy, Otis Blackwell) (2:26)
B1: Information (Dave Edmunds, M.Radice) (3:53)
B2: Feel so right (Paul Kennerly) (3:30)
B3: What have I got to do to win (Dave Edmunds, J.David) (3:14)
B4: Don't call me tonight (Dave Edmunds) (2:26)
B5: Have a heart (J.David, Dave Edmunds) (2:55)