Sharleen Linton is the Director of My Vocal Therapy. A holistic vocal coaching company, bringing every element together to release the voice's potential - the mind, the body and our inner core.

After 10 years of doing backing vocals, Sharleen Linton is finally stepping out of the background and into the beautiful light!
A journey to creat the Soulful Folk EP she's working on, entitled 'Peace of Mind' and performances!

Charleen worked with so many artists; Il Divo, Craig David, Natasha Bedingfield, Adele (Live at The Royal Albert Hall in 2011), Jeff Lynne's ELO (Children in Need Rocks 2013) and had some incredible experiences.

After spending much of her early singing career in gospel choirs, Sharleen Linton has become one of pop and music’s most sort after session vocalists.

She absolutely loves being a singer, being part of a tour or a DVD, even a one off gig – it’s just so special. She really enjoyed being in the background actually. She enjoyed supporting artists. She enjoyed those little things to make that track to make things extra special.

Sharleen played with Children in Need Rocks 2013, when Jeff Lynne's ELO played among other artists.

Mike Stevens
Milton McDonald
Donavan Hepburn
Bernie Smith
Marcus Byrne
Matt Round - bass
Mick Wilson
Mel Lewis - backing vocals
Sharleen Linton - backing vocals
Lincoln Jeane
Chereene Allen

In 2014

As a member of the "Big Five", the United Kingdom automatically qualified for a place in the final in the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Copenhagen Denmark on 10 May 2014. In addition to their participation in the final, United Kingdom was assigned to vote in the second semi-final on 8 May 2014. During the British delegation's press conference on 6 May 2014, United Kingdom was allocated to compete in the second half of the final. In the final, the producers of the show decided that United Kingdom would close the show and perform 26th, following San Marino. United Kingdom placed 17th in the final, scoring 40 points.

On stage, Molly was joined by drummer Joe Yoshida and four backing vocalists: Lincoln Jean-Marie, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beaumont, and Sharleen Linton. The British performance featured Molly performing in front of a stage set-up that included the drummer in the centre with two backing vocalists on each side.