Born x xx, 19xx, x, xxxxxxxx, Marge is a Professional Vocalist, Recording Artist, Entertainer, Actor and Songwriter, she lives in Brooklyn, New York.
Graduated from Samuel J. Tilden High School and have studied Musical Theatre on HB Studio.

Marge went pro with 14 years with her first record contract. She did the backing vocals on many major artists albums.

She was The Electric Light Orchestra's backing vocal singer in 1975-76.

Marge was in the girl group Sumanga, along with Ellie Greenwich (60's singer/songwriter extraordinaire), they were recording the background vocals with The Electric Light Orchestra on their smash hit album "Face the Music" at the Record Plant Studios in New York City. "Jeff Lynne gave me the center mic" exclaims Marge, "He liked the background vocal arrangement, that I came up with for "Evil Woman" (Evil Woman went to #1).

To this day, I still hear my voice loud and clear on that part, in fact it was just used in the Austin Powers Goldmember movie. Jeff Lynne also gave Marge a small solo part on the track "Down Home Town" and asked the group to go on a National tour of arenas. During those sessions, Jimmy Iovine (Founder & Chairman of Interscope records), who was the engineer, told Marge "You have one of the most incredible singing voices I've ever heard, you should have your own band".

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On the inner cover of some "Face the Music" 12" versions, it say's:
Special Thanks to Ellie Greemwich, Susan Collins, Nancy O┬┤Niel and Margaret Raymond.
They did the backin vocals on: "Evil Woman", "Nightrider", "One Summer Dream", "Strange Magic" and "Down Home Town".