Lincoln Jean-Marie is a British singer, born 27 Dec. 1976 in London, England.

Lincoln Jean-Marie was in the midst of 2012’s biggest celebrations – the Queen’s Jubilee and the London Olympics – singing alongside musical giants such as George Michael and Stevie Wonder.

Performing to global audiences and touring with the likes of Robbie Williams and Will Young has become normal for Lincoln, but the singer’s journey may only just be beginning as 2013 sees the release of his first solo album: Inspired.

Lincoln’s story begins in Hackney, East London. Lincoln’s earliest memory is a musical one – searching through his older brother and sister’s record collection, pulling out everything from Jazz to Reggae to Pop. He may have only been a schoolboy, but Lincoln already thought of himself as a musical connoisseur!

But by the time the singer had reached his mid 20s, his family’s instruction to get “a real job” had meant that music was taking a backseat. But little did he know one night and one song would change everything.“It was the definitive moment,” Lincoln recalls.“I was watching TV and I heard Boyz 2 Men singing ‘It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday’. It was just after midnight and I remember being so struck by it I turned the TV off, went to bed and didn’t say a word. I remember thinking ‘wow I want to do that, I want to be in an a cappella band doing that’. It blew me away.”

Shortly afterwards, the young singer found himself achieving his dream with three new friends. Widespread attention was attracted as vocal group ‘Peace By Piece’ were awarded ‘Best Newcomers’ at the very first MOBO awards in 1996. A record deal with Warner Brothers followed.

Despite top music shops such as HMV selling out of Peace By Piece’s first single, the group charted just outside the top 40 and, along with 90 other acts was dropped from Warner. Yet disappointment would soon turn into opportunity as Lincoln was asked to tour with Craig David – who turned out to be a fan of Peace by Piece. “How things turn around! While I was in Craig’s band I met my now wonderful wife…God was watching over me.” Lincoln smiles.

The next highlight in Lincoln’s musical career was being hand picked by George Michael to join the megastar’s touring band.

While touring the US with the singer, Lincoln noticed a lump on his neck. Diagnosed as a benign tumor, it was removed but the biopsy wasn’t good and radiotherapy was needed.During one hospital appointment, an overwhelming sense came over Lincoln that he was not to go through with the therapy. “I got up and said ‘I know you’ve prepared all this stuff for me but I’m sorry I can’t go ahead with this.’

“I came home and felt really low and began to cry. I had this feeling to look for the Lord’s Prayer. I wasn’t a Christian. I always believed in God and I prayed but I was still in the world doing what I was doing and I wasn’t a committed Christian. “I prayed that prayer in February 2010. I felt instantly better, at ease and much more peaceful.”

Shortly afterwards, Lincoln was singing in Australia when some Christians offered to pray for him. “I felt even better. I got back to the UK, went to church and publically received Christ as my saviour.”

“Since then so many things have happened. We’d been trying for a baby for 7 years and they couldn’t find anything wrong with either of us. It was unexplained infertility. We now have a wonderful baby boy who has just turned 2 and is such a little character.”

Today, Lincoln thanks God for the turnaround in his life. He talks about being under a “waterfall of creativity” as he began to write songs for the first time in years.“These songs just kept coming into my head. Loads of them. Even when I was writing one, I wouldn’t quite be finished and another would come.”

The result of all this creativity is ‘Inspired’ – Lincoln’s first EP. Honest and straight from the heart, the singer isn’t out to prove anything. Listeners can pay what they want to receive four songs dedicated to God.

“I said: ‘Lord you’ve taken me around the world almost every country. I’ve been blessed to make a living through my voice and met so many people, stayed in amazing places and had a great life through singing. If you gave me this gift I want to give back to you.’”

Musically, Inspired is a combination of the singer’s favourite styles: Soul, Jazz and Funk. Lyrically, it’s positive, energetic and uplifting.

Lincoln believes there’s a lot of “dark music” in the mainstream arena. “On a spiritual level, it’s very sad. Most commercial music has a dark cynical edge to it.

“I’ve been inspired to write something uplifting and lyrics which may even help someone to consider the role of God in their lives and how he can help you. My dream is to be doing music that has a strong spiritual leaning and speaks of my experience of God and what he can do in our lives.”

One of the first tracks Lincoln has released a solo artist is titled “You Might Be Surprised”. The songwriter is a strong believer in openness and rejecting cynicism. “We only have a finite amount of time on this earth so it’s about opening up and being brave enough to give your heart. It’s a brave and difficult thing but give your heart to other people and more importantly to God and you might be surprised what turns out in your life.”

London 2012 Olympics - Sang as part of George Michael band at the closing ceremony
Queens Jubilee 2012 - Sang backing vocals as part of the house band on stage.
George Michael - Backing singer as part of the band, touring the UK, Europe & U.S.A.
Craig David - Backing singer as part of the band, touring the UK Europe and the US.
Pet Shop Boys - Sang backing vocals for the Pet Shop Boys on BBC 1 Top of the Pops.
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Sang with accapella group for studio audience.
Radio 1 Road Show (Ireland) - Sang lead vocals.
Lemar - Backing singer as part of the band, touring the UK and Europe.
Robbie Williams - Backing singer as part of band at German Launch of World Tour.

Lincoln played with Children in Need Rocks 2013, when Jeff Lynne's ELO played among other artists.
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