John Lodge, 12":
Natural avenue

Released: 1976
Produced by: Tony Clarke
Engineered by: Derek Varnals & Dave Baker
Recorded in: Threshold Studios, London

John Lodge: 6 & 12 string acoustic guitar, bass, harmonica, vocal.
Steve Simpson: Spanish guitar, 6 string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocal.
Kenny Jones: Drums, percussion
Mick Weaver: Piano, organ
Mel Collins: Soprano sax,
Martin Dobson: Alto sax
Jimmy Jewel: Sax,
Brian Rodgers Orchestra.
Chris Spedding: Electric guitar
Denis Lopez: Percussion
Biran Rodgers Orchestral Quintet.
Gary Osborne: Vocal.
John Richardson: Vocal.
Allan Williams: Vocal.
Billy Lowrie: Vocal.


Cover design by: Martyn & Roger Dean
Label: Decca, TXS 120
Country: United Kingdom

1. Intro to children of rock'n'roll (J. Lodge) (1:05)
2. Natural avenue (J. Lodge) (3:55)
3. Summer breeze (J. Lodge) (5:22)
4. Carry me (J. Lodge) (5:46)
5. Who could change (J. Lodge) (6:19)
6. Broken dreams, hard road (J. Lodge) (4:32)
7. Piece of my heart (J. Lodge) (3:55)
8. Rainbow (J. Lodge) (3:51)
9. Say you love me (J. Lodge) (6:30)
10. Children of rock'n'roll (J. Lodge) (4:30)